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Youths Cheat Over 300 Travel Agents In Gujarat, R’sthan UP But Long Term Ends In Jail

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Vikramsing Rajput is a resident of Amroli-Kosad in Surat

A young graduate, who was doing well as an online booking agent for travel agencies, got lost, started cheating and ended up behind bars. In a bid to make a quick buck, 25-year-old Vikramsing Rajput, a resident of Amroli-Kosad in Surat, decided to trick transporters, hoteliers and travel agencies by posing as a cop.
Rajput was nimble and managed to deceive at least 300 such carriers, hoteliers and travel agencies over the past six months, police said. “During interrogation, it emerged that the victims were from Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Kutch, Saurashtra, UP, Delhi and Rajasthan. We caught him near Relax Hotel in Vasad of Anand on Saturday said Anand SP
Ajit Rajian.
Police have raised the alarm nationally so that anyone the accused cheated anywhere in the country can contact local police to register an offence.
PSI PJ Parmar of Vasad Police Station said the accused often changed identities from a sub-inspector to a CID investigator to officers from other law enforcement agencies, depending on the situation. .
Rajput’s now deceased father was a fruit vendor who migrated from UP to Gujarat decades ago. “His father sold fruit and his mother worked as a domestic helper. But the parents ensured that their two sons, the accused and his eldest, received a good education. Both have graduated. After finding a job, the older brother moved to another house while Rajput lived with his mother and worked as a booking agent for travel and transport agencies,” Parmar said.
Rajput was receiving payments online as a travel agent, but soon developed a desire to get rich quick. “He knew some flaws in transportation, travel and hospitality. He hatched a plan to impersonate the police and threaten these agencies to extort money. He cheated a few people for the first time in October 2020. He demanded a small amount of money, as small as Rs 2,000, which very few refused to give. He made a lot of money by issuing threats to more and more people,” PSI Parmar said. Cheating to the tune of Rs 3.5 lakh has been detected currently, but the amount could increase significantly as complainants reach the police.

The accused rejoiced until…
Police said there were several hotels in Valsad that collected packages from luxury trucks and buses for delivery to locals who placed orders. “A day before his arrest, Rajput approached the owner of the Kismat Kathiawadi hotel in Vasad and told him that a package delivered to a certain customer did not contain the goods he had requested and that there was instead rubber inside. Posing as a PSI, he told the hotel owner that the “guest” wanted to file a complaint with the police. Under the pretext of settling the matter, he extorted money from her. “However, as the hotel owner was a local resident, he regularly informed us of such events in the area. We caught the accused through technical surveillance,” Parmar said.

Mobile numbers written on buses, trucks
According to the police, the defendant Vikramsing Rajiput noted the telephone numbers of travel agencies written on buses and trucks passing on the highway. He would then pretend to be a PSI and call the transport agencies that their truck had an accident with a small vehicle and that they should come to the police station. He would then demand money to settle the matter. Owners of travel and transport agencies usually transferred money to him via Paytm.

During interrogation it emerged that the victims were from Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Kutch, Saurashtra, UP, Delhi and Rajasthan. We caught it near the Relax Hotel in Vasad d’Anand on Saturday
–Ajit Rajian, PS, Anand