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World Medical Association calls for end to COVID-19 travel restrictions | The Guardian Nigeria News

Doctors under the aegis of the World Medical Association (WMA) have called for an end to travel restrictions and discrimination caused by the non-recognition of certain vaccines around the world.

In an emergency resolution at its council meeting, which opened virtually yesterday, WMA said citizens of some countries experience serious complications when traveling because their vaccinations are not accepted as proof. full protection.

The AMM is the independent confederation of national medical associations with 115 constituent members representing more than ten million physicians. Acting on behalf of patients and physicians, WMA strives to achieve the highest possible standards of medical care, ethics, education and human rights related to health for all.

It came as a senior consultant family physician, former president of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and current president of the Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA), Dr Osahon Enabulele, was appointed the last week elected president of the AMM.

The association, in a statement signed by WMA general secretary Dr Otmar Kloiber and WMA public relations consultant Nigel Duncan, condemned the travel restriction.

“This restricts international cooperation and business, mainly to the detriment of the poorest countries and regions. In some cases, this has led to requests from people vaccinated for a third and fourth dose. This time, vaccines accepted as offering the necessary level of protection, ”he said.

The WMA called on governments to immediately adapt fair, harmonized and non-discriminatory rules to allow safe and equal travel opportunities, and to inform the public, if serious concerns about specific vaccines impede their acceptance.

The WMA has stated that it understands the reluctance of pharmaceutical authorities to allow the introduction of vaccines for which an authorization has not been applied in their jurisdiction, or which are still in the process of authorization or may have been rejected in due to their ethical standards or technical testing or production does not meet the required standards.

According to the statement, WMA considers it necessary to evaluate COVID-19 vaccines as a reliable travel protection measure solely on the basis of their effectiveness against infection and serious illnesses with the syndrome coronavirus. severe acute respiratory type 2 (SARS-CoV 2).

“At present, there is sufficient data to evaluate vaccines based on their protective effect, regardless of their marketing authorization. If the vaccines are found to be ineffective, and therefore unacceptable as a protection, the reasons for such a decision should be made public, ”he noted.

It will be recalled that the United Kingdom has imposed travel restrictions linked to COVID-19 even on vaccinated Nigerians wishing to enter its territory. The UK government lifted the restrictions last week, however, following global outcry.

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