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Workers on leave as COVID-19 continues to hit travel agencies

Taipei, Oct 1 (CNA) The number of workers receiving formal leave programs in Taiwan at the end of September increased from the previous week as concerns over COVID-19 continued to hit the support services industry , especially travel agencies, according to the Ministry of Labor. (MOL) said Friday.

The number of employers who implemented leave without pay programs also increased during the week amid COVID-19 concerns, the MOL added.

Data compiled by the MOL showed that the number of workers who agreed to take unpaid leave increased by 636 from the last report released on September 24 to 38,555 as of September 30.

The number of businesses with leave programs in place also increased by 121 from the previous week to 3,759, the data showed.

Huang Wei-chen (黃維琛), director of the Labor Standards and Employment Equality Department of MOL, told reporters that since the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world earlier this year Latest and the imposition of restrictive border controls by countries, the travel agency industry has been hit hard, and there has been no sign of improvement this year.

The travel agency industry contributed about 400 to the latest weekly increase of 636 workers on leave, Huang said.

Against the slowdown, the export-oriented manufacturing sector reported a slight drop in the number of workers on leave during the week, with global demand remaining strong, according to MOL data.

As of September 30, the number of workers placed on leave programs in the industry stood at 1,846, up from 1,869 a week earlier, but the number of manufacturers who implemented unpaid leave programs edged down. increased from 166 to 169, according to MOL. .

Huang said that from October 8, the government will start issuing NT $ 5,000 (US $ 179) in spending vouchers to eligible residents in an effort to boost domestic consumption, the service sector may see the impact. of COVID-19 mitigate to some extent.

Many accommodation, food and beverage companies have halted their time off programs over expectations that spending vouchers will entice consumers to spend, adding that time off data may improve later, said. Huang.

During the week, the accommodation and food and beverage industry reported the most number of workers on leave with 14,409, ahead of the support services industry with 9,617 and the industry retail and wholesale trade 4,677.

Meanwhile, a total of 1,267 businesses in the support services industry reported unpaid leave programs, the most of any industry, followed by 730 in the retail and wholesale industry and 712 in the accommodation and catering sector.

The ministry updates its data on workers on leave on the 1st, 8th, 16th and 24th of each month. However, the figures only cover unpaid leave plans put in place by companies that are reported to the ministry.

Most of the companies implementing leave programs are small companies employing less than 50 people.

These unpaid leave programs typically last less than three months and involve employees taking five to eight days of unpaid leave per month, according to the MOL.

(By Wu Hsin-yun and Frances Huang)

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