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Why Small Travel Agencies Should Consider Joining TierOne Travel


Are you a small travel agency and want more time to do what you love the most (sell trips to your clients) and less time to spend on administrative or logistical tasks? Imagine being able to maintain your agency’s ownership, name, reputation and brand, while also having access to the support of a long-time host agency that can provide you with the tools you need to operate more profitably and efficiently.

Joining a larger hospitality agency with resources in place that you can use will free up your time by getting rid of expensive tasks, giving you the flexibility to focus on what you do best – selling travel.


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By moving your existing agency under the umbrella of TierOne Travel, you will reduce your overhead costs and increase your income potential. Ultimately, you’ll have more money in your pocket than before and more time to focus on your customers and sell them the travel products they dream of.

If that’s right for you, joining TierOne Travel could be a great option for your business. Here are some of the benefits you might expect:

Access to a fantastic support team

TierOne’s strong leadership team is led by Shelley Ewing, President / CEO, and supported by CEO Shelley Parry and CFO Randa Nemish. Together they have many years of experience, expertise and enthusiasm to share with their agencies and consultants.

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PHOTO: VAX VacationAccess Recognized for its Travel Agent Reservation System. (photo via Flickr / Mary Cullen)

TierOne Travel provides the IT support to prepare you for success in the office, at home, on the road or at the beach. If you prefer to work in an office or want to meet clients in a professional setting, we can provide that as well. You can choose what best suits your lifestyle.

TierOne Travel engages a dedicated marketing department to guide you through the maze of marketing options, providing you with incredible marketing support and tools that will help you generate quality leads for your business.

TierOne Travel’s accounting department is eager to answer any accounting questions you may have, as well as meeting your clients’ needs, such as personalized client reports.

Don’t want to be bothered by the intricacies of ticketing airline tickets? Don’t worry – TierOne Travel offers our own in-house ticketing service!

Agencies can keep their pre-existing trade mark

We know you have worked hard to build your brand and your reputation. Joining TierOne Travel under your own pre-existing agency name will not take away what you have worked so long to create! You can continue to present yourself as you wish, while enjoying the many additional benefits of membership in TierOne Travel.

Travel agencies that join TierOne Travel will benefit from unloading all “technical stuff”. TierOne Travel offers many useful services to help agencies and consultants with a lot of extra work. such as invoicing, ticketing, marketing, accounting, etc. This gives travel companies more time to focus on selling what they want, when they want, how they want.

Receive better commissions

TierOne undertakes to reward its agencies and consultants with competitive commission allocations. We have a variety of competitive and generous contractual opportunities tailored to an agency’s specific business model.

Access to group health insurance

When you join TierOne Travel, Consultants have access to our excellent group health insurance plan. Our plan provides coverage for health expenses not covered by your provincial plan, such as prescription drugs, dental care, additional health and wellness needs, as well as short-term and long-term disability. long term.


TierOne Travel rewards our top performers with our annual TOT Awards. These awards are presented to our biggest supporters of Air Canada, WestJet and our top 10 favorite suppliers.

Flexible working hours

At TierOne Travel, we understand the value of life to the fullest. When you join TierOne Travel, our business model and structure gives consultants the flexibility to set their own schedule, choose their own clients and decide where they want to work. Consultants can work where and when they want – at home, at the beach, or in an office we provide – whatever suits your lifestyle best!

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Travel benefits

We’re passionate about travel, and we know you are too! We want you to be able to pursue this passion by traveling to as many places as possible, as often as you can. After all, we know your experiences will turn into stories you can share with your customers.

– No limit on “familiarization trips”, aka educational seminars

– Access to many airlines, discounts on cruises and hotels

– Opportunity to win free and discounted trips through our preferred supplier initiatives

-Reduced price travel with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Agent Card

Affiliations to consortia

– Group Travel Together

– Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) – membership included

– Benefits of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

– International Air Transport Association (IATA)

– Air Canada Circle of Excellence

We invite your agency to be part of the TierOne family, which is made up of highly professional, talented, enthusiastic and compassionate individuals who love to travel and love to help others discover the joy of traveling on their own.

By joining our TierOne Travel family, your agency will instantly benefit from over 25 years of experience, quality supplier relationships, top notch commissions, and everything you need to quickly increase your results.

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