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Vacation and Business Travel Help Delta and All Airlines Recover From COVID

(WXYZ) – A survey by AAA Michigan found that 41% of people plan to travel for vacation, 30% by air, 46% have started to book, 36% say they will just stay home.

Vacation and business travel are helping airlines recover from COVID-related losses. Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian told the Detroit Economic Club today that revenue is currently 80% and is expected to be 95% next summer.

“Our phone lines went on. I apologize. I know a lot of you have probably had really long calls waiting to talk to our people and deal with all this demand. We have a lot of people that we hire.

Bastian says they have hired 8,000 new employees since the pandemic and need to be vaccinated. However, for existing employees out of a total of 75,000, there is no mandate for vaccination. They can apply for a medical or religious exemption and if they don’t get it and don’t get the vaccine, they will have to pay an additional $ 200 per month for their health care.

“Am I going to force someone to lose a 25, 30, 40 year career because they have a deep concern about the vaccine or if there is one, I have a hard time doing it. I have trouble. These mandates, unfortunately, are really blunt instruments and have once again provoked a new wave of politicization of what should not be political, ”Bastian told the Club.

As business increases, ticket prices to some on-demand destinations, most notably Florida, during peak periods in the coming weeks, are also increasing. We asked the CEO if customers get ripped off to make up for some losses? Bastian replied: “Absolutely not. I can tell you the ticket prices are down from where they were in 2019. And yes, there are some popular markets for which there is a lot of demand, which is pushing the prices up a bit.

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