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US loosens travel restrictions for fully immunized travelers around the world and 9 more travel stories

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In Skift’s Top Articles This Week, The United States Announces Reopening To Fully Immunized Overseas Air Travelers, Expedia Group Consolidates Its Three Three Loyalty Programs, And Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Considering Work At distance allowing employees to live in cheaper areas.

Rashaad Jörden

Throughout the week, we’re posting original stories night and day covering travel news and trends, including the impact of the coronavirus. Every weekend, we’ll give you the chance to re-read the most essential stories in case you missed them sooner.

The United States will ease travel restrictions for all vaccinated travelers around the world starting in November: This is the most significant news on international travel since the start of the pandemic restrictions. Watch travel bookings go wild – and stock prices from travel agencies.

Tripadvisor forced by hotel chains to reverse cash-back model subscriptions: We have said throughout that membership of large hotel chains will go a long way in determining the trajectory of Tripadvisor Plus. Now it looks like big hotel brands can participate, but the subscription program is reduced and much less convincing.

Expedia consolidates 3 loyalty programs with new vacation rental rewards: With Marriott Bonvoy making inroads into loyalty and membership programs having a moment, Expedia Group is consolidating its extensive loyalty programs in a move that coincides with its strategy to streamline its operations.

The co-founder of Concur is back with Spotnana, the Biz Travel startup: The second seasons are often disappointing, but the return of Steve Singh bodes well for big business. Singh is a business travel icon, and his ideas and energy can boost the metabolism of travel managers whether or not they join his new startup Spotnana.

Star investors Katzenberg, Thiel and Tosi take a stake in Travel Startup Flyr: The WestCap Group led a $ 150 million fundraising round in Flyr, a startup that helps travel agencies increase revenue. “Mogul management” seems to be the new “revenue management”.

Airbnb CEO sees the new era of mobility redefine the world of travel: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky presented his vision for a radically transformed travel industry of the future. The question that no one can answer correctly is to what extent some of these trends will be sustainable.

TWA Hotel Owner: The hotel industry should adopt the airline pricing model: Airlines have lost their reputation by unbundling products and services and charging passengers a la carte. The recovering hotel industry could deploy the concept to make more money coming out of the pandemic.

The big questions about the future of travel we face in 2021 and beyond: These are strangely precarious and hopeful times. As the world’s top travel leaders gather this week at the Skift Global Forum, these are the big questions they grapple with – and our editors will be pushing them on stage – although some answers emerged last year.

Hilton CEO: Business travel demand to surpass 2019 levels in 3 years: Don’t overlook the return in demand for business travel, but Hilton has the advantage of having a large chunk of its transient business traffic coming from small businesses. Those who rely on big business traffic to fill hotel rooms shouldn’t be too excited yet.

Southwest incoming CEO says hiring will be a big challenge early on: Robert Jordan of Southwest Airlines is mostly excited about his new job, but also “20% terrified”. And for good reason, he takes the helm as the carrier navigates a hiring crisis amid the recovery after the worst crisis in its history.

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