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UK domestic business travel hits half of pre-pandemic volumes

The number of UK business travel bookings has reached more than half of pre-pandemic volumes, according to the latest data from the Business Travel Association and Travelogix.

Domestic bookings for the fourth week of September were 53% of pre-pandemic volumes – the highest level since May of this year, when organizations began planning for the resumption of business travel and the first time this figure has exceeded 50%.

However, international travel bookings for the same week were only 21% of pre-pandemic volumes.

Nonetheless, both figures show the largest increases in week-over-week bookings to date.

Organizations claim the 79% drop in international business travel bookings to ten key destinations cost UK GDP £ 4.01 billion and the 47% drop in domestic bookings stands at 756.6 million additional pounds.

“With the lifting of the government’s orange list yesterday, BTA hopes to see a larger recovery, with increased bookings and revenues in the coming weeks,” the organization said.

Meanwhile, travel advisers say business travel bookings have grown 40% in the past four weeks and have garnered over £ 1million in bookings in each of the past eight consecutive weeks , which has doubled compared to the same period last year.

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