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TravelPerk Launches New Platform to Measure Travel-Related Emissions

TravelPerk has launched a new platform to give travel managers the tools to measure their organization’s carbon footprint and create strategies to reduce emissions.

Europe-based TMC has launched the GreenPerk API, which will provide travel management platforms with data and analytics on an organization’s carbon footprint across different types of travel services, including flights, rail , accommodation and car rental.

TravelPerk said the GreenPerk API will offer the industry’s “most comprehensive inventory” of carbon footprint data for domestic and international rail routes, enabling direct comparison of the emissions created by these rail journeys with flights. between the same destinations.

Avi Meir, CEO and co-founder of TravelPerk, called the launch of the GreenPerk API an “exciting milestone” for the TMC.

“We recognize the challenge of developing a sustainability strategy and as a company we wanted to focus on delivering a solution that was open, flexible and easy to integrate,” he explained.

“The GreenPerk API will allow businesses to think holistically about sustainability, which means not only reducing emissions from travel, but also integrating that information into a broader approach that aims to address environmental impact. collaboration in a hybrid work environment where business travel is key.”

The initiative builds on TravelPerk’s existing GreenPerk platform, which allows business travelers to report and offset the carbon impact of their travels.

The GreenPerk API can be integrated by businesses and travel management platforms to provide data, analytical insights, and access to compensation options.

James Dent, Head of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Sustainability at TravelPerk, added, “We launched the GreenPerk API because our customers and partners want to understand how they can better measure and reduce their travel-related carbon footprint. .

“Business travel is an important part of that picture and we’re excited that our product and data is helping businesses make the right decisions.”