Travel restrictions

Travel restrictions on international music tours to be eased – The UBJ

Under new rules, UK carriers working on music concerts, sporting events and cultural events will be able to make unlimited international travel.

According to the government, UK specialist carriers have been limited to three EU stops per tour since Brexit. However, they will be able to travel freely between the UK, EU and other countries from the end of the summer, according to the statement.

Industry experts cautiously welcomed the change, but said it doesn’t solve the problem for everyone.

According to Wob Roberts, production manager for Duran Duran and Sam Smith, the move was good news for UK and European tours, but did not help smaller UK-based operations that had no other base. abroad.

New dual registration laws will apply to transport companies with a base in the UK and another overseas, the Department for Transport has said.
This means that they will be able to transfer their vehicle between the two operator licenses without having to change vehicles or limit their journeys.
They will also not have to pay vehicle excise duty (VED) in the UK for six months.

According to the BBC report, Mr Roberts said: ‘After Brexit cabotage rules came into force meaning UK hauliers could only make two falls, or three if they jumped through d other obstacles.
“So what the big companies did, at great cost to themselves, was to open a new branch in Europe with European registered trucks and European licensed drivers.
“But that meant these vehicles and drivers could only make two or three falls in the UK. These new rules mean that there is no drop limit for British vehicles in Europe and also for European registered vehicles in the UK.
“It will help UK based tours to continue. But the problem is that small operations that cannot afford to set up a European branch will always face the same problems.