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Travel destinations: National Geographic reveals top destinations for 2022

While the pandemic is far from over, many of us are hopeful that 2022 will be the year when we can finally broaden our travel horizons again.

And now, as much in a year-end tradition as Thanksgiving turkey or tree planting, travel editors are releasing their annual recommendations for where to travel in the coming year.

Mauritius was one of Lonely Planet’s picks for the best destinations for 2022. (Royalty Free Image)

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Planet alone I entered at the beginning of November, I got fat Slovenia, Oman and Mauritius, and now it’s the turn of the venerable travel columnist National Geographic, who has been teaching us about our planet since 1888.

For its 2022 list, National Geographic editorial teams around the world have selected 25 “must see” destinations. These fall into five categories – nature, adventure, culture, sustainability and family – with a focus on national parks and wildlife, outdoor activities and experiences, green travel, and multigenerational travel.

“Think and regroup”

“In many ways, the pandemic has allowed travelers and communities around the world to reflect and come together on how we explore the world,” said George Stone, editor of National Geographic Travel.

“With this year’s list, Nat Geo takes a look at what’s different, new and inspiring – from the new Seine cycle path in France to Chimanimani National Park, a new national park in Mozambique that signals the country’s environmental commitment. . “

The island of Procida near Naples
The island of Procida near Naples. (Getty)

In the culture category, Procida, a small island off the coast of Naples, is an Italian capital of culture for 2022, while the legendary London music center Tin Pan Alley has recently seen a resurgence, with the opening of three new venues. concert.

Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan, is renowned for its natural beauty, breathtaking waterfalls and rich wildlife, but also for the unique heritage of its Ainu people.

For sustainability, National Geographic’s choices include Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park, a biosphere reserve in the Amazon, which is currently under threat – last week parts of the forest were cleared for a oil road and pipelines.

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
Yasuni National Park, Ecuador (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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In Poland, the post-socialist industrial city of ódź has become a thriving center of alternative culture, business and finance. The cotton factories that dot its cityscape have been transformed into galleries, museums, convention halls and community centers, while its downtown is clad in striking murals.

Surrounded by nature, Namibia’s Caprivi Strip is a thriving safari destination. Once banned due to the long border war in this region, safari camps and lodges are now sprouting up. Visitors can enjoy several large national parks, numerous waterways, and an incredibly high ratio of wildlife to human residents.

Sun and adventure

The ancient waters of Baikal lake, known as Russia’s “sacred sea”, is larger than all of the Great Lakes of North America combined and constitutes almost a quarter of our planet’s freshwater supplies.

Tourism here is not without controversy: it is currently the scene of a fierce battle between the State, a local population dependent on tourist income, and environmentalists concerned with mass development damaging its fragile ecosystem.

Lake Baikal, Russia
Lake Baikal, Russia. (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Adventurers are invited to try the new 420-kilometer La Seine à Vélo cycle path, which links Paris to the Normandy Sea. Or if hiking is more your thing, there is the 147 kilometer long Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq wilderness trail in New Brunswick, Canada. It runs along the Nepisiguit River from Daly Point Nature Reserve to Mount Carleton Provincial Park.

Skiers and snowboarders should instead head to Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin, a high-altitude resort with slopes for experts and beginners alike.

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For family trips with loved ones, National Geographic’s choices include Turkey’s vast southwest coast, a lesser-known Mediterranean delight known in ancient times as Lycia. Sailing is the perfect way to explore its secluded bays and coves.

Another sun-seeking option is Bonaire Рknown, along with Aruba and Cura̤ao, as one of the ABC Islands Рwhich is close to South America and a bit outside of what is considered the hurricane belt. Snorkelling and diving are especially good in its crystal-clear waters, where underwater visibility can exceed 30 meters, allowing for magnificent views of coral reefs and forgotten wrecks.

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