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Travel agencies resume operations with strong growth in demand for local travel agencies: TravClan

The survey predicts positive market sentiment with nearly 80% of travel agencies reaching out to new customers.

TravClan is conducting a survey of nearly 250 travel agents and small and mid-range consumers across India to identify post-pandemic changes in the travel ecosystem and Indian traveler behavior.

After a difficult 2020 and a second wave, the vaccination campaign has now accelerated and the travel sector is showing signs of a sustained recovery this time. In such a scenario, the survey provides some interesting information about the future of the travel industry.

About 83 percent of agents surveyed have taken on first-time clients (those who have never used travel agent services before). This is a key indicator of how a growing number of travelers are now turning to travel agents and travel planners. Compared to large OTAs and markets, travel agencies are preferred because the need for customization, and real-time connectivity has increased dramatically in the post-pandemic period.

Talking about that, Arun Bagaria, co-founder, TravClan said, “The global tourism industry has endured a major existential challenge and is now confidently overcoming it based on the knowledge gained over the past year. The streamlining of processes and the progress of the immunization program are expected to lead to a strong market recovery in the next 6 months or so. We have been able to generate a number of very impactful information on the operations of the travel industry.

Adding further, Bagaria’s comments, “Travel agents are evolving to meet the needs of future travelers by building trust and high quality service at a time when travel regulations change frequently. Travel agents that have traditionally operated offline are also quickly adopting new technologies and becoming travel planners and actively engaging in social media marketing. At TravClan, we have always worked to make the digital transition smooth, affordable and easy for millions of travel agencies in India and around the world.

The survey also revealed the fact that contrary to the perception that young people travel more, travel agents predict that more than 75 percent of vacationers in the near future will be in the 30-50 age group. This indicates a greater likelihood that the share of couple and family travel will increase in the market. There is also a larger increase in the segment of people willing to spend more for better services and experiences compared to budget-conscious travelers.

The dynamism of post-pandemic travel demand is pushing even agents back into the tourism world that had previously gone out of business, fearing the collapse of the global travel industry. In fact, the survey reveals that most travel agents believe that travel operations will resume faster than expected earlier and that international travel is also expected to pick up in several major markets by October 2021 with several countries like the Maldives. , with Thailand already announcing a gradual reorganization. opening.

The survey also highlights the evolution of the approach to travel and the motivations for travel. Leisure travel and shorter weekends have become more popular. Travel agents have also responded to the demand for workstations and stays that emerged during the pandemic.

Much uncertainty has plagued the travel industry during the pandemic due to the ever-changing operational scenario, restrictions on certain services, destinations and customer concerns. However, travel agents are now evolving into new agent travel entrepreneurs and rediscovering themselves to meet the demands of the traveler.

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