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Travel agencies: expect changes if COVID Omicron variant progresses | ABC Fox Missoula

MISSOULA, Mont. – For those planning vacation trips inside or outside the United States, the coronavirus may again impact your plans.

According to the CDC, the new Omicron COVID-19 variant has been reported in 14 US states so far, and those numbers are only expected to increase.

Health experts are monitoring the situation as they did with the delta variant, waiting to see how the spread of omicron will affect travel.

Currently, air travelers entering the United States must prove a negative COVID test within the day of departure, regardless of their vaccination status or nationality.

Mask requirements have also been extended for domestic travel by plane, train and public transit until mid-March.

But if the situation evolves, they remind us of what it could look like for all of us.

Montana-based travel agencies are providing updates on how the omicron variant and new CDC guidelines could impact upcoming vacation travel.

“If omicron gets too aggressive that could change, but the good news is that travel providers are offering a lot more flexibility than in the past, so currently you don’t see any change fees on airfares and that should likely to recover at some point,” said Billie Ruff, CEO of Travel Cafe.

But if the situation changes, travel companies are reminding us what it could look like for those who choose not to plan ahead.

“It’s a concern if you wait another week to see what happens with omicron, then you’ll be faced with availability changes because it’s a very busy time of year,” Ruff said.

As things could change in the coming weeks, travel companies are encouraging everyone to closely monitor the rules and regulations of the regions they are traveling to and plan accordingly.