Travel agencies

Travel agencies banned from selling tickets to foreigners

Travel agencies, aircraft charter companies and online travel agencies are prohibited from selling air tickets to foreign nationals, said Maqsoud Asadi-Samani, secretary of the Iranian Airlines Association. .
“Flight tickets will only be sold to foreign nationals on airline websites or at airline offices,” he said, as quoted by IRNA.
Asadi-Samani noted that airlines must have full supervision over ticket sales.
Following a recent directive that ticket prices for non-Iranians should be calculated at the US dollar rate, some airlines sold their tickets to foreigners instead of Iranian passengers, making tickets unavailable to Iranians.
Airfare prices for domestic flights for non-Iranian nationals will be calculated in dollars, the Association of Iranian Airlines recently announced.
Tickets for domestic flights lasting less than an hour will be sold at a cap of $100 and those taking more than an hour at $150, he said.
Ticket prices on domestic routes will remain unchanged for those with an Iranian national identity code.
The decision met with disapproval from the Foreign Ministry, which wrote a letter of complaint to the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran, saying it would affect the foreign tourism sector.
The letter noted that 2 million Iraqis visit Iran each year and called for a review of the decision.