Business travel

Travel advisors energized by the influx of new customers

Travel Counselors saw corporate bookings for February approach pre-pandemic levels.

Work-from-home specialist TMC said business travel sales hit 92% of 2019 levels during the month, with 90% of its business-focused agents making a sale in the past week.

Travel Counselors added that its combined corporate bookings for January and February reached £18million, or 82% of 2019 sales for the two months.

That figure was boosted by £5million in new customer bookings, with travel advisers acquiring 121 new global business accounts in January, including 77 in the UK.

Business travelers also sought to travel very soon after booking, with 89% departing in February and March.

Europe dominated the choice of destinations for corporate clients of travel advisors in February with France, Germany and Italy leading the way, as European countries began to ease Covid-19 travel restrictions . The United Kingdom and the United States were the top-selling business destinations in January.

Kieran Hartwell, managing director of business travel at Travel Counsellors, added: “It is extremely encouraging to see this increase in corporate bookings, similar to what we have also seen in the leisure market.

“We are seeing more and more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking for that human expertise to travel in a post-pandemic world.”