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Top 7 Budget International Travel Destinations With Less Than 5 Hours Flights From India

Although it is strictly recommended to “stay at home”, we all miss a vacation in European destinations like Switzerland, Paris, London or the United States. Due to strict guidelines and a mandatory quarantine at these destinations, planning a vacation isn’t really doable. However, if you fancy a vacation to let go of your confinement blues, there are plenty of beautiful, unexplored places in our neighborhood. Therefore, before settling for a trip to distant lands, check out these places near India. These destinations are not only cheaper, but have less flight time and promise an experience to remember.

Nepal – With a flight time of around 1h40, going to Nepal is one of the cheapest international trips you can count on. Nepal is a serene place with snow-capped peaks and a lush green forest in the middle. Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa are some of the country’s tourist spots.

Bhutan – Another budget holiday destination is Bhutan. About 2 hours from India, this is an ideal location for those seeking peace and quiet. Some of the country’s must-see places include Thimphu, Paro, Punakha Dzong, and the Jakar Valley.

Dubai – A popular tourist destination is an ultramodern city, Dubai. It is one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates and has several tourist attractions. There are too many attractions to list, including the adrenaline-pumping desert safari, diving in the world’s deepest pool, and not to mention shopping at Global Village. You can reach Dubai in just 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Thailand – If you are a beach lover, party animal, history buff or foodie, Thailand has it all. The tourist spot was on our list so why not visit it. It will take you 4 hours to reach Thailand and the ultra-modern cityscape and rich cultural heritage will not disappoint.

Maldives – The Maldives have been in rage recently after various Bollywood and TV stars have visited the place for vacations. With its coral reefs and marine life, the Maldives will explain the meaning of the color blue to you. The Maldives are an ideal destination for beach lovers. It will take you 4 hours to get there.

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Laos – If you are a highlander and want to get away from it all to forests and mountains, Laos is the place you should go. Waterfalls, lakes, French architecture, Buddhist monasteries, bike rides, hikes await you. A flight to Laos will take 4 hours and 14 minutes. Oman – This breathtakingly beautiful place is also one of the safest and most peaceful countries to visit. Another ideal place for mountain and trek lovers. Oman has world-class resorts and secluded locations if you are looking for a getaway away from the crowds. From India it will only take you 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place.

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