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Top 10 destinations for business travel in 2022 revealed – London Business News

With the pandemic forcing many Britons to adapt to working remotely, office spaces are once again welcoming their employees and colleagues are once again collaborating in person.

Now that travel restrictions have also been lifted, there is now nothing stopping employees from traveling abroad for business purposes, from all business conferences and client meetings to the new trend of bleisure.

Using 10 years of data from the Office of National Statistics, Moneytransfers discovered the destinations to which Britons will travel the most for work in 2022. They also used this data to predict where over the next 10 years the businesses will surrender. in order to anticipate any changes to these destinations in the future.

Top 10 business travel destinations 2022

Rank Destination Estimated visits Estimated expenses
1 Irish Republic 1,093,512.28 £391,996,725.64
2 France 996,964.40 £578,774,316.85
3 Germany 959,708.24 508,868,529.28 £
4 UNITED STATES 822,747.30 £1,148,169,200.94
5 Netherlands 756,752.89 £311,288,071.01
6 Spain 482,107.76 £273,028,110.17
seven Belgium 467,245.54 £132,520,592.97
8 Swiss £382,554.80 £143,868,752.36
9 Italy 356,787.68 £181,083,733.26
ten Poland 203,454.10 £147,282,377.88

Recognized internationally as a thriving business center after recent regeneration efforts, the Republic of Ireland has been highlighted as the country most Britons will travel to for business purposes in 2022. There will be up to 1,093,512 visits from British workers bringing with them an estimated expenditure of £391,996,725.64.

France is the second most popular business travel destination for Britons in 2022 with an estimated 996,964.3974 Britons traveling there for work. According Statisticalin 2019, 595 meetings were held in France and rank third in the list of countries in the world ranked by the number of association meetings hosted.

France was closely followed by Germany in third position. With the fourth largest economy in the world. Germany is home to world-renowned businesses and corporations, so it’s no surprise that this country is in the top three.

In terms of the most expensive business travel destination, the US comes out on top by a huge lead, with an estimated £1.1 billion spent by Brits on business travel in 2022.