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The most advantageous travel destinations for autumn flights

According to data from Expedia, Americans increased their search for fall travel by 40% in 2022 compared to 2021, demonstrating a preference for international destinations such as Barbados, Ho Chi Minh City, London and Munich. , among others. Additionally, the online travel agency has revealed some of the destinations that offer the best value for airfare to and from the United States.

Here are the top destinations for fall flight value:


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—Seattle – ATP (average ticket price for return flights), down more than 45%

—Los Angeles: ATP down more than 35%

—Portland: ATP down nearly 35%

—Barcelona: ATP down nearly 30%

—San Francisco: ATP down more than 25%

—London: ATP down around 20%

—San Diego: ATP down 20%

—Chicago: ATP down about 20%

—Rome: ATP down 15%

—Paris: ATP down 15%

—Cancún: ATP down more than 10%

“As flight prices tend to drop after the busy summer travel season, savvy travelers can take advantage of the savings that fall brings,” Expedia said.

Expedia also shared some tips for making the most of the money in the fall, including traveling the country during the week of September 26, when average ticket prices are expected to be nearly 45% cheaper than during the summer months. For international flights, travel during the week of October 10, when average ticket prices are expected to be 20% lower than summer.

Otherwise, go on a Tuesday or Wednesday rather than a Monday for the lowest fares. Booking airline tickets and accommodations at the same time, known as bundling, can save travelers hundreds of dollars.

For fall, Americans are still in the same travel mood, despite high costs and a chaotic summer due to airline cancellations and delays. According to data from the Tripadvisor platform, 61% of American respondents plan to travel this fall.

The top 10 trending destinations are Las Vegas, Nevada; New York, New York; Orlando Florida; Honolulu Hawaii; Lahaina, Hawaii; Key West, Florida; Nashville, TN; Myrtle Beach, SC; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Miami Beach, Florida.

Americans cut back on other spending in order to take fall vacations. Additionally, surveys indicate that more than half of Americans plan to travel in the fall, and 66% will spend more compared to the same time last year.

Likewise, domestic travel continues to be the trend and will continue into the fall. TripAdvisor reported that 81% of US travelers and 60% of international travelers surveyed prefer domestic holidays. Almost half, 49%, will travel by air, according to Mike Arnot, spokesman for the airline industry and flight data service Cirium.

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