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The hottest luxury travel destinations this summer

The world’s leading luxury travel network, Virtuoso, has revealed the top 10 domestic and international destinations for the upcoming summer season.

In the United States, affluent travelers most often target the West Coast, particularly California and Hawaii. The latter recently ended its cumbersome Safe Travels program allowing easier access in time for the summer. Florida is also a domestic hot spot, ranking third for 2022. The top three states should come as no surprise, however, as 82% of Virtuoso travelers reported heading to the beach for spring break.


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Massachusetts and Colorado round out the top five national destinations as luxury travelers plan to get away to places like sunny favorites like Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as well as the Rocky Mountains. Washington ranks sixth in popularity in the United States, and the increase in bookings in the state is likely in favor of Alaska’s summer season, according to Virtuoso.

Evergreen State is followed by Montana, South Carolina, New York and Alaska.

In addition to Alaska, Virtuoso also points out that highly sought-after destinations like Africa and Australia are in demand this summer after being banned a year ago. Nonetheless, Europe still dominates when it comes to overseas adventures for luxury travelers in 2022. After the United States, Italy is the top luxury travel destination this summer. In fact, Virtuoso advisers note that hotspots such as the Amalfi Coast in Italy are nearly sold out.

Italy is followed by France, Canada and Greece. The UK, Spain, Ireland and Switzerland also made the top 10. Mexico joins Canada as the only two destinations outside the United States or Europe to qualify, placing eighth this year.