Travel restrictions

The Fiji Times » Japan eases travel restrictions to Fiji

Japan has joined a growing list of countries that have eased their travel restrictions to Fiji.

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill said the Japanese government’s recent announcement to ease its COVID-19 border controls from March 1 meant travelers to the two countries would not have to go through mandatory quarantine.

“This is an important milestone for tourism in Fiji and a welcome step towards the long-awaited recovery of the Japanese market. With Fiji Airways direct flights scheduled to resume in May, Fiji will once again be on the doorstep of Japanese travelers perfectly placed to celebrate Golden Week,” he said.

Mr Hill said it was also a testament to the success of the industry’s Care Fiji Commitment (CFC).

“We are proud of the Care Fiji Pledge, a WHO endorsed standard on health and safety best practice for travel in a post-COVID world.

“All CFC-approved companies have a dedicated Wellness Ambassador who is responsible for rolling out these enhanced health and safety measures across the company and keeping everyone safe, and that has worked well since reopening to international tourists in December.

“We have made all possible preparations to ensure that the Japanese people can enjoy a safe and secure journey.

“We look forward to welcoming you all back.”

According to Tourism Fiji, the Japanese government has announced that Fiji is no longer a designated country and therefore travelers from Japan to Fiji can spend their time in Fiji without quarantine measures both after entering Fiji and after returning. in Japan if they have received their booster shot.