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The biggest travel agencies: An unusual list for an unusual year: Travel Weekly

When is business travel coming back? It is complicated.

While a few Power List agencies have cited pent-up demand for business travel, several factors they believe are preventing them from recovering. But they have also indicated that they have changed the way they view the services they provide. The business model has evolved in response to the pandemic.

• BCD Travel Issue 4 says there is an increasing emphasis on traveler care, risk management and security, with companies keen to explore better ways to regulate employee travel.

• BCD also noted that Covid-related cleanliness and health procedures that airlines have in place may increase travel time and that companies will need to take this into account when calculating ROI for business travel. potentials.

• No. 6 Flight Center Travel Group, Americas also cited the emphasis on travel due diligence.

• No. 11 Corporate Travel Management tries to stay ahead of this trend by encouraging clients to consider traveler well-being and risk mitigation when formulating their travel programs in the future.

• Issue 19 ATG says customers will increasingly need pre-travel approvals to manage travel budgets and keep travelers safe. ATG says travel management companies need to step up their efforts and help customers meet this need.

• No. 43 Uniglobe Travel Partners says clients analyze the purpose of each potential trip, determining whether a virtual meeting could meet business goals. The agency added that small and medium-sized businesses may be less risk averse than large ones, suggesting that the small business road warrior may become even more differentiated from itinerant employees who work for large companies.

• In one of Power Listers’ good news about business travel, No.45 Conlin Travel said there was “a lot of talk that road warriors would be happy to resume travel on business. ‘business”. AmTrav # 41 says there is a pent-up request to connect in person.

• However, much of the talk of business travel seems to focus on a “slow and steady” recovery, unlike the boom in pent-up leisure demand. No.25 Fox World Travel and No.5 CWT do not anticipate a solid recovery until 2023. No.37 Kintetsu International Express said a full recovery is “far away.”

• No. 21 Christopherson Andavo Travel went so far as to say that the pandemic “has changed business forever.” The challenge, he believes, is for agencies to find the right mix of digital and human services, and TMCs that do this will grow faster than others.

• No.33 Atlas Travel & Technology Group said it is always looking “to establish a baseline for the new normal.”

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