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The best travel destinations in the United States that you shouldn’t overlook

It’s never too early to start planning that next trip.

Do you have a destination in mind?

Admittedly, Mexico is beautiful and everyone seems to be dreaming of Europe or Australia… but what about the good old US of A.? Have you visited the following places? Some are a bit more obvious as tourist hot spots, while others remain more obscure.

So before you apply for a passport, we recommend that you check somewhere in our own backyard, so to speak. We asked around, and here are the places people loved:

What would you say …

1. San Juan Island (Washington)

A view of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington. (Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC / Corbis via Getty Images)

Have you heard of San Juan Island – not to be confused with San Juan, Puerto Rico – northwest of Washington, not far from Seattle? The island, which enjoys a temperate climate all year round, offers whale watching, kayaking, hiking, ziplining, horseback riding, pedal boating, horseback riding and sailing, for name a few. If you prefer something a little quieter, try visiting the Alpaca Ranch, a lavender farm, or a winery with a historic tasting room.

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The views are simply breathtaking.

2. Montana (several recommendations)

Maybe it’s time to explore the great state of Montana. Bozeman comes highly recommended as it is known as a great little town near Yellowstone. If you’re up for a drive, Glacier National Park is about four hours away, and it’s guaranteed to take your breath away.

3. Boston

And Boston? It is a city really steeped in history. It offers soup, an incredible atmosphere, Fenway Park and the New England Aquarium, to name just a few attractions. These really are the tip of the iceberg, as there is probably something for everyone in Boston.

4. Maine (several recommendations)

Lobster boats use a boat to join their moored boat before heading to the Gulf of Maine in Deer Isle, Maine. (Getty Images)

What about Maine? Bar Harbor is beautiful, especially if you climb the hills outside of town in the fall and look towards the coast. Another advocate from Maine recommended Stonington, on Deer Isle, saying you can even take a mail boat to the surrounding islands. Acadia National Park is also quite close.

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5. Savannah, Georgia

Or you can visit Savannah, Georgia: a friend described it like this – it’s beautiful in a very timeless, storybook way, with Spanish moss hanging from the trees above the cobblestone walkways and the smell of pralines in the air. (What more could you ask for, really?)

6. Utah (several recommendations)

How about a paradise for lovers of the outdoors? This brings us to Utah. The state has five national parks, including Zion, and also has the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area. The drive from Salt Lake City is a beautiful mountain road that you won’t want to cross. Once you get there, there’s Utah Red Rock, a pretty reservoir, fly fishing, rafting, and horseback riding tours along the Red Canyon Rim. Nothing!

7. Mackinac Island, Michigan

A view of the Grand Hotel (Photo provided by Turner PR for the Grand Hotel)

Have you heard of Mackinac Island, Michigan? Obviously, the people of Mitten State did – but in other parts of the country it may be a little more obscure.

You will have to leave your car there, a bit like on San Juan Island, because there are no vehicles on Mackinac. But there are horses!

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Mackinac is beautiful – located directly on the Great Lakes, offering bike rentals, fudge, quaint little shops, Fort Mackinac, golf and the Grand Hotel. (Even if you can’t afford to stay there, a walk on the porch is worth it). If you are in the Midwest or going for a short hike, give it a try!

8. Hawaii (several recommendations)

Or try Hawaii: it’s not that we are throwing you a curve with this recommendation. Hawaii doesn’t really go unnoticed when it comes to gorgeous travel destinations, but we couldn’t justify leaving it out. Each island offers something different, so whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or a loved one, you can tailor your experience to suit your vacation needs. And the Kauai waterfalls look pretty epic.

9. The Badlands

Visitors drive through Badlands National Park near Wall, South Dakota. (Getty Images)

And then there’s the Badlands, also known as Badlands National Park in southwest South Dakota. One enthusiast put it this way: “(The tour is) a completely otherworldly experience where it is both unique to the United States and yet you feel so far away from the United States that it is almost. like a whole different planet. “

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10. San Luis Obispo, California

It’s a bit of a college town (home to Cal Poly) and a bit of a seaside town. What a fun and picturesque town!

Now, of course, California has a LOT to offer. The Golden State is known for its large cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. But SLO, as it’s called, goes a bit under the radar, while still offering beach, sun, wine, and some great tri-tip (especially at a restaurant called Firestone Grill). Hop to it!

11. New Orleans

New Orleans: who could forget the Big Easy? Again, this is one of those cities where you’ve probably heard of the top attractions and attractions – the French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, etc. But if you’ve never been there, maybe now is the time. Who doesn’t love donuts and jambalaya? Head to this culinary capital, with iconic dishes and nightlife, before you even think of venturing out of the United States

Classic cities are considered classics for a reason, right?

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12. Destin, Florida

A family plays on the beach in Destin, Florida. (Getty Images)

Destin showcases powdery sand and crystal clear water. The city and its surrounding towns are similar to Pleasantville, roughly. You can hire cruisers on the beach, there are plenty of stalls selling ice cream cones and food, and everyone seems happy, as one Destin fan put it.

13. Nashville

What about Nashville, better known as Music City? Between the live shows (which seem to be everywhere), the burgeoning food scene, incredible nightlife and legendary venues, there really is NO shortage of places to discover in Nashville.

14. New Braunfels, Texas

Do you like the charm of small towns? This might be the place for you!

In the heart of Texas is the beautiful city of New Braunfels. The live music is top notch and you can find a concert every day of the week. If you love the outdoors, the area is perfect for tubing and fishing. There is also an award winning farmers market held every Saturday rain or shine, and the Craft Beer Trail.

What have we forgotten? Drop your favorite American travel destinations below!

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Mackinac Island (Photo provided by Turner PR for the Grand Hotel)

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