Travel restrictions – Owner – Thailand lifts travel restrictions for yachts

Thailand’s possible reopening should take place on November 1 …

New regulations for flying to Phuket will facilitate crew changes and the eventual reopening of Thailand scheduled for November 1, 2021.

“The goal of the Thai government is to allow all vaccinated crew / guests to travel to Thailand without needing to quarantine,” says Gordon Fernandes, co-founder of Asia Pacific Superyachts. The registration of the yacht is also intended to be easier.

Thai officials have said Thailand will drop its mandatory quarantine requirement in Bangkok and nine other regions from November 1 to vaccinate arrivals. After months of strict restrictions, Thailand is gradually moving towards a return to normalcy by relaxing some travel restrictions and allowing tourists to enter the country.

The “Phuket Sandbox” program has seen 35,000 visitors enter Thailand since its launch on July 1. Fully vaccinated travelers from eligible countries who visit Thailand through Phuket Sandbox are not required to undergo a mandatory quarantine, travelers are required to stay seven nights at a designated SHA + hotel in Phuket.

A similar program has also been introduced in Samui. The “Samui Sandbox” program was introduced on July 15, allowing vaccinated travelers to stay seven nights at a designated Samui Extra Plus hotel in Samui before being allowed to travel to Phang Ngan or Koh Tao.

The Thai government, according to Fernandes, intends to promote tourism next year and set up a tourism promotion fund to transform Phuket from an already popular superyacht destination into a world-class destination. Restrictions in the country have eased as vaccinations hit 50 million doses, with a record 1.4 million doses given last week.

The ambitious plan for Phuket and the tourism sector was approved in an online meeting Thursday for the Center for Economic Situation Administration, chaired by Prime Minister Pravut Cahn-o-cha. A tourism promotion fund, with the support of the private sector and civil society, will be set up, not only to promote tourism, but also to bring about changes in tourism for sustainable growth, as well as to reduce as much as possible the red tape to promote tourism and accommodate more foreign-flagged yachts and superyachts.

Thailand is one of several countries in recent years that have started to change policies to encourage more superyacht activity. Historically, the superyacht industry has strongly promoted its ability to provide owners and guests with an almost endless set of experiences and possibilities, portraying a truly global industry. However, this notion has generally been slightly misleading, with complexities appearing frequently, especially with foreign-flagged commercial superyachts.

Thailand, however, is one of those countries that has seen the benefit of opening its doors to foreign-flagged superyachts. Often the mistake made by governments has been to want to tax the importation of superyachts. The staggering sums that had to be paid often had the opposite impact, convincing the owners of said foreign-flagged vessels to do their business elsewhere, as it was impractical to try to recoup their import costs by chartering the vessel. ship locally.

More recently, the governments of Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica and others have set out to create the regulatory environment necessary to encourage superyachts to do business in their waters. Part of the problem is that the superyacht industry as a whole has failed to generate data that can be invested to help governments and private entities make positive decisions for the market. Fortunately, this has changed more recently. As more and more data becomes available, more governments are opening their doors to the superyacht market and the superyacht industry is taking small steps to become more diverse and truly global.

What would be the ultimate place to open up to commercial superyachts?

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