Travel restrictions

Skiers have everything to look forward to now that travel restrictions have eased


In some ways, we have to thank the pandemic for this. Eighty-one percent of novice skiers choose a winter sports vacation because their usual type of vacation is not achievable due to Covid-19. Obviously at first glance it may seem that sunbathing in the Indian Ocean has little to do with skiing in the Alps, but both vacations provide the opportunity to get out, feel the sun, and enjoy the sun. ‘escape the short dark days of the UK.

There’s no denying that this urge to go back to the mountains is great for business – peak weeks are almost at full capacity and almost half (49%) of those surveyed recently admitted that they were willing to spend more on winter sports vacation this year than before. Our data confirms this, showing that the average order value (AOV) of ski trips with Club Med increased by 22% compared to 2019.

Eighteen months of unpredictable changes have shaken consumer confidence, however, and it’s understandable that the majority of skiers plan to book closer to their departure dates than before. It is also perhaps not surprising that our survey found that nearly two-thirds of skiers (63 percent) cited the lack of transparency behind the government’s traffic light system as a reason to wait before. to book a winter sports holiday. Almost half are ready to go a month in advance (46 percent), with one in five (20 percent) saying they will leave by booking their ski vacation as late as two weeks before departure – unpublished statistics before the global crisis. pandemic.

But skiers cannot ignore that they run the risk of missing their favorite resort if they leave by booking too late in the day. For example, our resort in the Grand Massif ski area in France is already at 90% of its capacity for Easter week, and outside of peak dates we see more and more travel requests in January and March; more than any other year recorded.

Of course, there will always be the specter of new Covid restrictions hanging over us all for many months to come, but we hope that after so many government flip-flops things will only get better from there. now. Brits are passionate about skiing and we in the industry will always find a way to survive no matter what is thrown at us.


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