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Relaxation of UK and US travel restrictions comes at best possible time for UAE airlines

Revising UK names on travel from UAE will ensure a busy fourth quarter for UAE airlines. In addition, there is also assistance from the United States.
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Dubai: As expected, airline bookings to the UK immediately increased after Britain announced further easing of restrictions for travelers from the UAE.

“We will be accepting vaccination certificates from the United Arab Emirates from October 4 following updates to their vaccination application,” UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Twitter.

This step will effectively restart travel between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom before the Expo. Although the UAE was upgraded to the ‘orange’ from ‘red’ list last month, only passengers vaccinated under UK, US and EU vaccination programs are allowed.

“We get a good number of bookings from the UK to come to the UAE,” said a spokesperson for travel agency Bin Moosa. “We are also receiving inquiries from passengers wishing to travel to the UK via the UAE.”

The United States is also opening up

The United States will reopen to passengers arriving from India, China, Britain and other European countries who received COVID-19 vaccines in early November. While direct flights from the United Arab Emirates to the United States have been in operation for some time, the latest move will increase the number of passengers on long-haul carriers like Emirates airline.

“Forward bookings to the United States have historically been strong in many of our key markets, and we expect them to increase as the winter season approaches,” said a spokesperson for Emirates. “Booking behavior has changed, unsurprisingly, with more and more people making short-term decisions closer to their travel date due to the dynamic changes in travel requirements that continue to prevail in many countries. “

Starting next month, Emirates plans to operate 78 weekly flights to 12 destinations in the United States. In early December, it plans to restore more than 90% of its pre-Covid flight frequencies to the country, with daily flights to Boston, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC in addition to doubling daily flights to New York. .

“There has also been a growing interest from US travelers to visit Dubai, a city that offers something for everyone and will host a number of major events,” Emirates added in a statement.

UK travel rules

From October 4, the rules for international travel to England will switch to a single red list of countries and simplified travel measures for arrivals from the rest of the world, Etihad said on its website. If someone has visited a Red List country in the last 10 days before arriving in the UK, he or she will need to self-quarantine at a dedicated hotel.

If fully vaccinated:
• If vaccinated in the United Arab Emirates, UK, USA or as part of the UK Overseas Vaccination Program, the traveler must have received the final dose of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or Astrazeneca at least 14 days before arriving in the UK.

• Book and pay for a second day COVID-19 test – to be taken after you arrive in England.

• Complete the passenger tracing form – any time within 48 hours of arrival in England.

• Take a COVID-19 test no later than the second day of your arrival in England.

Welcome decision

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has welcomed the Joe Biden administration’s decision to allow vaccinated travelers to enter the United States with a negative COVID-19 test result. “Allowing access to the United States for those vaccinated will open up travel to the United States for many people who have been locked out in the past 18 months – this is great news for families and loved ones who have suffered the heartbreak and loneliness of separation, “Willie Walsh, chief executive of IATA, said in a statement.

“This announcement marks a key change in the risk management of COVID-19, from general considerations at the national level to the assessment of individual risks. The next challenge is to find a system to manage the risks for travelers who do not have access to vaccines. “

No need for travelers to the UK to

• Take a day 8 COVID-19 test.

• Quarantine at home or at the place of stay for 10 days after arrival in England. If you are traveling from anywhere else and have not been fully vaccinated or do not meet the above vaccination requirements, the traveler must:

• Book and pay for the COVID-19 tests on Days 2 and 8 to be performed after you arrive in England.

• Complete the passenger tracing form – any time within 48 hours of your arrival in England.

• Quarantine at home or at the place of stay for 10 days. It is possible to end the quarantine earlier if the person pays for a private COVID-19 test through the “Test to Release” program.

• Take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 and on or after day 8.

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