Travel agencies

Reduced restrictions create more optimism for travel agencies –

Business is picking up for local travel agencies as airports ease restrictions put in place due to COVID-19.

Last Saturday, it was announced that some restrictions in Canada would be reduced or even completely removed, and this news prompted potential travelers to get their tickets.

Carey Duncan of Travel Quest in Portage la Prairie says people seem ready to go.

“We’ve definitely gotten a lot of phone calls. It’s really gotten a lot more people thinking about their plans for winter and even spring next year as well,” Duncan said. “After the mask mandate was dropped, the ArriveCan app is now optional. It’s just one more hurdle that people don’t have to worry about.”

As more and more information comes out, more and more tickets are sold. Duncan says, don’t wait too long if you have a vacation in mind.

“We see people planning well into the future, certainly, for this winter, even beyond, for Europe in the spring and summer,” Duncan said. “Really, with the prices we’re seeing right now, with every good news, prices tend to go up a bit. So you really have to plan ahead.”