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Pmla court refuses to ease travel restrictions for Bizman Gv Reddy | Bombay News

MUMBAI: In a sternly worded order, a special PMLA court refuses to ease travel conditions imposed on businessman GV Sanjay Red when granting him bail in the money laundering case of Rs 509 crore, and said that if such requests are granted, there will be no checks on the conduct of the accused and no one will will present to face the lawsuit.
The court said Reddy may have been a frequent traveler with business ties to various countries, but the security of the trial, which ultimately impacts the safety of the proceeds of crime for the nation’s well-being, must be taken into account.
“I am convinced that if the conditions are relaxed, there will be no court control over the conduct of the defendant. He is not the only defendant in this case. A total of 21 defendants are believed to be involved in this scam…” the court said, noting that Reddy had been granted permission to travel abroad on several occasions in the past.
In his plea, Reddy had asked for a change in the condition which required him to seek prior court approval before traveling abroad. He asked the court to allow him to do so only one week before his departure. He also requested the return of his passport to the Execution Directorate (ED).
The court, however, said the conditions imposed on him related to trial security and the proceeds of crime. “Therefore, the prayer made in this request is not in good faith,” the court said.


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