Travel restrictions

No need to impose Marburg virus travel restrictions, follow Covid-19 safety protocols – WHO

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), although some cases of Marburg virus have been recorded in Ghana, there is no need to impose a travel restriction.

Ghana and Guinea have recorded new cases of the deadly virus, putting other West African countries on red alert.

The WHO Representative in the country, Dr. Francis Kasola has urged Ghanaians to observe COVID-19 safety protocols to prevent the spread of the Marburg virus.

“We do not recommend any travel restrictions. There will be no cause for alarm as long as people follow the advice we have given, especially the COVID-19 prevention protocols; hand washing, etc.

Two cases have so far been identified in the country.

One case was a 26-year-old man who presented to hospital on June 26, 2022 and died on June 27. The second case was a 51-year-old man who presented to hospital on June 28 and died the same day.

Marburg virus disease is a rare but serious hemorrhagic fever that affects both humans and non-human primates.

It is caused by the Marburg virus. It is transmitted by infected people or animals through direct contact with bodily fluids, blood and other secretions of the affected person or animal. The incubation period for the disease is two (2) to twenty-one (21) days. Treatment is symptomatic. There is currently no vaccine available.

Potential cases may present with fever, bloody diarrhea, bleeding gums, bleeding skin, bleeding eyes, and bloody urine.