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New study shows the best crypto-friendly travel destinations

The plight of cryptocurrency and digital tokens has seen an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years and as such, more and more travelers are looking for crypto-enabled travel destinations that make digital payment easy. and feasible abroad.

New research from Fast Private Jet, a licensed private jet agent and booking broker, aims to show which world capitals are the best options for the crypto-savvy traveler looking to capitalize on venues and hotels that accept the digital currency as a means of payment.

The results? Crypto-enabled destinations tend to cluster in Europe, with countries like Spain and Austria leading the way in the number of hotels, restaurants and shops that currently accept digital currency payments . The least crypto-friendly destinations, on the other hand, include China and Qatar, both of which have banned cryptocurrency.

Here are the best crypto-friendly travel destinations to reach if you’re hoping to fund your trip with digital tokens:

5. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria is a prime candidate for those looking for a crypto-friendly vacation destination. Here you’ll find eight hotels that currently accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and more than a dozen crypto-enabled restaurants, bars, and cafes.

4. Rome, Italy

Those looking for an abundance of hotel options should seek out Rome. The Italian capital currently has a total of twenty crypto-enabled hotels and accommodations as well as five restaurants that accept digital currency.

3. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital ranks third with more than 19 attractions, more than a dozen cafes and restaurants, and six different nightclubs that currently accept digital currency. The only downside is that there are only two hotel options for those who wish to pay with tokens.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague takes second place, although it could rank first for travelers with a keen interest in food culture and nightlife. The city has 33 restaurants and five nightclubs that currently accept digital currencies.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, ranks first as the most crypto-friendly destination with over 72 stores and 33 sports venues happily accepting payments with digital currencies and tokens.