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Melaka ranked in top 8 world travel destinations to visit in 2022

Calling all travelers looking for new off the beaten track travel experiences for 2022!

An accommodation reservation platform has many surprises in store with truly extraordinary destinations for the coming year.

Forget New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, because Atlanta is the destination in the United States that should be all the rage next year, while tourism is entering a crucial year for its recovery.

Thus predicted, which has proposed eight ideas for getting out of popular tourist routes during your getaways in 2022. With its list of “top trend” destinations for 2022, the platform highlights cities rarely considered as vacation stops .

Indeed, Atlanta (in Georgia, United States) hadn’t really been in the spotlight since 1996, when the state capital hosted the Summer Olympics.

Outside of the United States, has some great travel tips for Asia.

While the hit show Squid Game is likely to get many viewers planning trips to South Korea, these trendy destinations offer alternative Asian getaways with an emphasis, second on the list, on Taiwan’s second largest city, Taichung.

Located just over two hours drive from the capital Taipei, the former village founded by Chinese settlers has grown to a city of nearly three million people.

Curious tourists can explore its historic temples and fascinating past.

Still not convinced? What about Brazil? But rather than Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro – or even the Amazon rainforest – rather leads us towards the border with Uruguay, and towards Gramado.

“With charming boutiques, restaurants serving chocolate and fondue, and crosswalks, Gramado looks like a quaint Swiss village in the heart of South America,” says

As for France – the world’s leading tourist destination before the Covid-19 crisis – the city of Montpellier is seventh on the list. – AFP

* Meanwhile, Malaysia’s historic city Melaka (pictured) is also mentioned. Along with George Town, Penang, the state was officially inscribed on the list of Unesco World Heritage sites in 2008, in its “historic city” category. Currently, all eyes are on the state as the national elections are due to take place on November 20.

Eight hottest travel destinations for 2022:

1. Atlanta, United States

2. Taichung, Taiwan

3. Gramado, Brazil

4. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

5. Brasov, Romania

6. Llandudno, Great Britain

7. Montpellier, France

8. Melaka, Malaysia

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