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Luxury travel agencies merge | Long Island Business News

Two luxury travel agencies have joined forces to better serve the national and international market.

# 1 Travel Inc. and Power Travel Inc. have merged to create # 1 Power Travel based on Plainview. Beverly Markman and Matilde Broder, the firm’s co-chairs, say they are combining their lists of contacts and relationships around the world to create what they call a new “ecosystem of luxury travel services and experiences.”

The merger comes as the economy continues to reopen amid the pandemic, and travel and hospitality, hit hard by the pandemic, see new opportunities as people begin to resume travel.

Broder said the merger brings benefits to the company’s customers and prospects.

“We can now offer them access to a deeper and wider network of experts on the ground in the world’s most luxurious destinations,” she said in a statement.

“With more and more people ready to travel and in need of experienced travel counselors, we are excited to start again creating memorable and unique travel experiences for our clients,” Markman said in a statement.

Already, the company is seeing a slight increase in the travel industry.

“With the rapid growth in online travel booking, we believe the best way for us to stay at the forefront of the industry is to join forces, providing truly unmatched service that can only come from ‘with over 100 years of experience in our management team. Donna Guttman, co-vice president of the cabinet, said in a statement.

“Families are trying more than ever to travel together, and this has been reflected in the surge in extended family bookings that we have processed for the rapidly approaching summer and winter vacation,” said Lisa Enden. , co-vice-president, in a press release. declaration.