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Long weekend: focus on the hospitality sector; hotels and travel agencies see an increase in vacation demand in August

Long weekend in August: Stories around the long weekend and how people plan to spend it with friends and family are a trending topic on the internet. People are all ready to pack their bags and plan a trip this long weekend. From August 12, schools, offices, banks and other institutions except those dealing with emergency services will be closed due to Raksha Bandhan, then Saturday to Sunday and Independence Day (August 15 which is Monday.

When it comes to long weekends, the first thing that comes to mind is “travel”. Nowadays, people prefer to enjoy and spend vacations to recharge their batteries and take a break from their busy work schedule.

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way people travel and their preference for taking care of their mental health. Meeting new people, exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and witnessing unforgettable sunsets, traveling can also do wonders for your mental and emotional health.

The long weekend could be called a “relief” to shift the whole work mode to a relief mode. With a four-day break coming, people plan to rush to places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, southern hill stations, etc. to get relief from the heat and enjoy the monsoon season.

Two years ago, the pandemic-induced lockdown impacted the hospitality sector across the globe. Everyone in the hospitality industry was looking for a relief package. But after some time with COVID-19 appearing to subside, the sector is striving for a full comeback this year. And ahead of this long weekend, the hospitality industry has prepared its belts and is looking forward to making it a huge success and reaching new heights of growth with better traction and more footfall.

The rush is so strong that several people have had problems booking a room, hostel or villa in any of these places, as they get the “sold out” tag on all booking sites.

Akansha B, Chief Marketing Officer, The Hosteller, said things are definitely looking positive for the hospitality industry and industry players also expect good growth, thanks in large part to the long weekends and how people plan their trips. more frequent. Long weekends always bring a surge in inquiries and August is a green lit month for the holidays associated with the Independence Day mood.

To capture the almost indistinguishable link of travel and freedom and provide travelers with more options for long weekend getaways, players in the hospitality industry are offering great discounts to customers. She said The Hosteller is offering a 50% + 25% extra discount package on all stays, including short stays and works.

“We expect a steady increase in revenue and inquiries. As the monsoon season is ending and the month is ripe with long weekends, the demands for longer stays versus shorter stays are increasing,” she added.

Sarbendra Sarkar, Founder and Managing Director of Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, said that over the past two months, “we have started to market our properties for the upcoming long weekends, especially for the holiday weekend. ‘independence”.

“Based on our past experience, the domestic weekend has multiplied during the pandemic period and we wanted to not miss any opportunity this year to attract the attention of our target audience to make reservations with us. With the situation under control and the strong vaccination campaign, travel demand is at an all time high. We are only too happy after getting the traction as our properties including Nainital, Jaipur, Digha among others are all sold. We expect to record revenues for the Independence Day weekend, more than we saw in the pre-pandemic year too,” Sarkar said.

Charu Chellani, a young PR professional and travel enthusiast, said people feel their lives are getting monotonous, especially with working from home. “This long weekend is a great relief and can help take a really good break from the usual routine.”

Long weekends are pushing more Indians to get out and travel who have not been able to plan their trip or fill their travel list since the onset of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. And as a result, the hospitality sector is reviving and promising to return to pre-pandemic levels as hotels, hostels and villas are buzzing with bookings and nearly full.