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Less Traveled Outdoor Travel Destinations More Preferred This Year During Pandemic: Report

Jeju Island (123rf)

The preference for travel to less-traveled or outdoor destinations has increased this year in South Korea amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a report revealed on Wednesday.

The Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCT) compared two surveys – one conducted among 2,061 people from April to May of last year and the other conducted among 3,136 from May to June of this year – to study any changes in the trend of domestic travel that could be attributed to COVID-19.

The report showed that more people chose to travel to less populated destinations at 65.5% this year, up 7.1 percentage points from 58.4% last year.

The preference for outdoor travel also increased to 44.8 percent from 37.4 percent during the same period.

Last year people preferred “contactless” travel, where they don’t have to get in touch with others, but this year the trend has shifted to travel to places with fewer people. , said a KCTI researcher.

According to the report, a smaller number of respondents have ridden scenic drives this year at 23.6%, down from 51.6% last year. The rate of those who took day trips or near their home also fell from 51.3% to 43.9%.

The report also showed that a growing number of Koreans were planning domestic travel this year at 53%, up 4.2 percentage points from 45.8% last year.

Respondents were asked to choose multiple responses for their reasons for planning domestic travel.

Almost 70% said they do it because it’s safe as long as they follow social distancing rules. Over 83 percent, in fact, said they obey these rules when on the go.

Being bored at home on weekends and holidays was also cited as the second main reason for planning such a trip at 54.1%. (Yonhap)

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