Travel restrictions

JHTA applauds the government’s decision to remove some travel restrictions

The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) has applauded the removal of some travel restrictions, which it says will lead to an increase in inbound visitors to Jamaica.

The removal would also make it easier for Jamaican business and leisure travelers to travel, the organization said.

“Removing these restrictions is a step in the right direction, especially for business travelers who can now come to the island to do business for as long as it takes without fear of coming out of quarantine.” , JHTA President Clifton said. Reader.

He added: “Returning residents will also be happy not to have to incur additional costs for PCR testing, so this will be encouraging news for them too.”

Reader was reacting to Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ announcement on Tuesday of new COVID-19 containment measures, including the removal of Jam-Covid permission to travel to the island and the elimination of travel-related quarantine on the island.

According to Reader, a recent JHTA survey showed that more than 80% of travelers to Jamaica are currently partially or fully vaccinated.

He said that “the quarantine order has been a complicated issue due to various interpretations, including the fear by some that they will be restricted to their hotel or geographic space. Now there will be no more confusion. Removing these barriers to travel will certainly be an encouragement for everyone to book now. It clearly says Jamaica is open for business,” Reader said.