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Holiday Season 2021: Top National and International Travel Destinations

Arun Bagaria, Co-Founder, TravClan shares information on top destinations, national and international, to explore this holiday season

People have loved to travel since ancient times. Explorers, merchants, wanderers in search of peace, etc., whatever their quest, the journey was always there. The past year and a half has been difficult for travel enthusiasts. However, now that the opportunity to explore the world is once again available, it is impossible for anyone to stay home during the holiday season. While there is never a shortage of domestic and international destinations to explore, there are some clear favorites that dominate the travel landscape.

Preferred national travel destinations

During the Indian holiday season 2021 (October 1 to November 30), here are the top three national destinations that have become favorites among the traveling community.

Goa – Almost everyone wants to go to Goa at least once in their life. After a long stay at home, the holiday season 2021 is the perfect time to watch beautiful sunsets, play of the waves, greenery and of course party in India’s premier beach destination. (Travelers in the state must have a negative COVID-19 report within 72 hours of the time of arrival. However, those who show proof of having taken both doses of the medication more than 15 days before their arrival in the state, do not have such restrictions).

Manali – Mountains are love and Manali is a destination with perhaps the most diverse and spectacular mountain scenery you can find on the planet. From pristine forests to alpine lakes, from snow-capped mountains to alpine lakes and high-altitude deserts, Manali is the gateway to everything and is a perennial favorite among travelers. And this holiday season proves it to the hill (handful we mean). (No restrictions other than the need to download the Arogya Setu app).

Darjeeling – For those who wish to enjoy a view of the snow-capped mountains in a location of breathtaking beauty but not too cold, Darjeeling is an ideal choice. Rolling hills, a historic toy train and exquisite tea gardens, and a famous sunrise to expect, Darjeeling is a darling for travelers. (Negative RT-PCR test report less than 72 hours old, Arogya Setu app and state government Sandhane app online statement required).

International rrecommendations

More than 25 million Indian travelers traveled abroad in 2019, and the recent increase in vaccination, along with the relaxation of COVID-19 regulations, now allows people to pack and leave the country . While Dubai, London and Paris will attract maximum visitors even during the holiday season and New Years, we have compiled an attractive and exciting range of international destinations that is simply irresistible. Looked.

St. Petersburg, Russia – Home to the former Russian imperial family, Shuvalov I Palace St. Petersburg has the most exquisite and elaborate collection of Faberge eggs in the world. There is no shortage of Christmas markets, museums and snow-covered landscapes for a quirky and exciting holiday. You also get high-speed rail connectivity to Moscow, which has many iconic locations such as the Kremlin and Red Square, and more. (a negative COVID-19 report of at least 72 hours is required)

Northern lights in Norway – For the true romantics at heart who grew up watching Disney movies, the Northern Lights offer a unique visual treat. If the Northern Lights don’t blow your mind, then nothing ever will. (No restriction for travelers with a full vaccination certificate)

Ski resorts in the French Alps – There is probably no better place than the heart of Mont Blanc to celebrate the end of the year holidays in the Alpine landscape. Enjoy traditional winter sports, picturesque villages and mountain views and ski the slopes, there is plenty to do for shopping and enjoyment for the whole family. (Only a self-declaration form and proof of having completed the two doses of vaccine more than 7 days before arrival in France)

Snorkeling in the Maldives – Another favorite travel destination of all time, the Maldives is now open to everyone. If the snow and cold weather don’t appeal to you, then the white sandy beaches of the Maldives surely will. You can bask in the sun or snorkel with the turtles, there is no limit to having fun in the Maldives. At least 72 hours older COVID-19 negative report required)

How to plan the trip and things to keep in mind

A good travel agent is your best bet for planning a trip to any destination. The pandemic may have ebbed, but even with low numbers of people and support for immunization, rules and regulations remain dynamic and subject to change. This is where outdated information on travel portals and package deals may not be as good an option as using the services of a travel agent directly and enjoying a personalized experience with support. and easy advice for your trip. Travel agents are now considered trustworthy friends who know the destinations inside out and will provide you with the best information and up-to-date assistance. Unless you are someone willing to sacrifice comfort and peace of mind in order to save money, a good travel agent is the best option for you. Even if you don’t know a travel agent personally, go ahead and take a look at a good online travel market, and you will likely find the right service provider for the trip of your dreams. Go ahead and enjoy the holiday season!

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