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Hahn Air ticketing solutions boost business for travel agencies and airlines

Aviation distribution can be quite complex. Travel agencies do not have access to all airline content and airlines cannot offer their flights through all travel agencies. Hahn Air fills this distribution gap with its ticketing solutions, making hundreds of additional airlines available to travel agencies. In an insightful conversation, Bharat Kapoor, Regional Vice President of Hahn Air, told us how the company generates additional revenue for travel agencies and airlines.

Vartik Sethi

Q. What services does Hahn Air offer travel agencies and airlines, how do they generate additional revenue and unlock additional markets and ticketing opportunities?

Hahn Air has been providing distribution solutions to airlines and ticketing services to travel agencies since 1999. By partnering with Hahn Air, airlines can sell their flights in markets where they would not normally be available. This, of course, means additional revenue for these carriers. If an airline is, for example, not in the Indian BSP or does not grant ticketing authority in India, it can still be issued by travel agents in India in their GDS on the Hahn Air ticket. Our services are strictly B2B, i.e. we supply our partners’ tickets via travel agencies only. The benefit for travel agents is that they have access to more routes, more destinations, more airlines and more airline combinations on a single HR-169 ticket. And they can even use the standard processes of their GDS, no training required. They just need to choose HR as validating carrier. And best of all, the service is absolutely free for travel agents. Even partner airlines that are not themselves members of any GDS are available to Indian travel agents in all major GDSs through H1 and X1 codes.

Q. How do Hahn Air’s distribution services help airlines and travel agents grow their business?

We’ve already talked about how Hahn Air’s services create additional ticketing opportunities for travel agents with over 350 partner airlines. We also generate additional business for airlines by giving them access to more than 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets around the world. But it’s much more than that: Hahn Air has been a reliable partner for travel agencies for more than two decades. Therefore, smaller airlines that are not well known in the market benefit from Hahn Air’s excellent reputation. On the other hand, travel agencies can trust the quality of our partners and can count on 24/7 support for ticketing questions via our Service Desk. In addition, we offer the free and automatic Securtix insolvency protection. If a partner has to cancel flights due to their insolvency, we grant ticket refunds to passengers. This adds an extra layer of security and reassurance for our travel agents who can always book our partners with confidence.

Q. How does Hahn Air’s distribution system help airlines and travel agents? Please shed light on the distribution solutions of Hahn Air Systems and Hahn Air Technologies.

Please let me clarify, Hahn Air does not operate an independent distribution system. Instead, our services are available using standard GDS processes. To issue a Hahn Air ticket, travel agents do not need to leave their GDS. All they have to do is go through the standard ticketing and payment processes and simply choose Hahn Air (HR) as their validating carrier. They will then be able to use familiar GDS processes to issue a Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. On the Hahn Air website we provide simple step-by-step guides on how to issue a Hahn Air ticket in each GDS ( For airlines that are not in a GDS at all under their own two-letter code, we make them available in all major GDSs. If it is a partner airline of Hahn Air Systems, they are available under the code H1. If it is a partner airline of Hahn Air Technologies, they are available under the code X1. As Hahn Air Systems and Hahn Air Technologies are sister companies of Hahn Air, travel agents can simply select Hahn Air as the validating carrier and issue a Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. These services are all aimed exclusively at travel agents, and not directly at passengers.

Q. What does holding a Hahn Air ticket mean to the end consumer or travel agent?

If a passenger holds a Hahn Air ticket, it means they are traveling with one of our more than 350 partner airlines. Hahn Air is not the carrier operating their flight, but Hahn Air activated and provided the ticket through the travel agency. For travel agents, it is therefore important to inform the passenger about the carrier operating his flight. This is especially true for H1 and X1 flights which are marketed by Hahn Air Systems or Hahn Air Technologies. The travel agency and passenger can find full operating carrier information and additional details by visiting We recommend that travel agents print or download the information or share it with the passenger via email.

Q. How has the Indian market evolved for Hahn Air over the years? Currently, how many partner travel agencies are there in India? What are your marketing strategies to reach Indian travel agents?

India is a very important market for us. In 2002, we first built our roots in the market through our designated service partner Bird Travels, New Delhi. Realizing the potential of the market, we decided to establish our own office in New Delhi in 2013. To recognize the importance of the market, we also created a dedicated Service Desk for India. The 24/7 Service Desk can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] Additionally, I am happy to provide training, sales support and answers on how to increase revenue for a travel agency with Hahn Air solutions.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a strong fluctuation of travel agencies around the world. Therefore, we will focus on explaining our solutions in a quick and easy to understand way. Additionally, we will continue to support our more than 5,000 partner travel agencies in the Indian market with regular newsletters on recent Hahn Air developments as well as targeted newsletters informing about the latest itineraries and promotions offered by our network of partners in full growth. We will remain committed to providing in-house agency training, webinars and sales visits.

Q. Hahn Air strives to support the local community and more environmentally friendly air travel. Tell us about Hahn Air’s current nature initiatives.

We take responsibility for our impact on the environment and on society. We therefore believe it is our duty to invest in a sustainable future and to support social projects for the benefit of our local community and people in need around the world. To mitigate climate change, Hahn Air is partnering with veritree, a technology platform enabling and tracking global restoration projects. Hahn Air is committed to restoring coastal mangrove forests in Kenya and Madagascar by planting 150,000 trees, which equates to an area of ​​15 hectares. The population of Hahn Air trees, when mature, will sequester an average of 32,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. To contribute to more sustainable air transport, we are also studying solutions for our travel agency and airline partners. Our stated goal is to offer carbon offset options for flights distributed by Hahn Air in the future. In addition, we support social projects around the world through our own foundation, the Hahn Air Foundation.