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Government tightens visit visa permits, travel agencies must be booked in case of irregularities – myRepublica

KATHMANDU, September 4: After the increase in cases of human trafficking due to the misuse of tourist visas, the government will revise and tighten the procedure for managing departure authorizations for foreigners for tourist visas. After human traffickers started sending domestic workers to Gulf countries by abusing visit visas, the government will tighten procedures.

The new procedures include provisions ranging from bank statements to taking action against travel agencies.

A government document revealing the relationship between family members, a document revealing annual income of at least Rs 400,000 and affiliation to the tax system, and a statement showing a bank balance of at least Rs 200,000 at the date of submission of the application to the system, proof of payment of taxes to the government (federal, provincial and local) according to income. Those who do not have proof of return flight ticket and hotel reservation on the hotel website of the destination country will not be allowed to apply for a visit visa.

Under the new procedure, provision has been made to obtain Department of Immigration (DoI) approval before taking a flight ticket to visit designated countries on a visit visa. “Nepalese citizens who wish to travel abroad on a tourist visa must apply at least seven days in advance through the department’s online system for approval,” the procedure says. In order to avoid the wrong person applying for a visit visa, provision has been made for travel agencies to ensure that if it is the same person before the travel agency books the ticket.

Travel agencies who arrange air tickets for departure from Nepal to foreign countries should confirm whether or not the person has been approved for the visit to that country before handling the tickets of the Nepalese who is going to visit the designated country with a tourist visa. It has been agreed that the relevant travel agency will be responsible for the return of Nepalese travelers who left Nepal on an overseas visit visa through its travel agency on the specified date and should report to the DoI.

In addition, it is expected that if a complaint is received with the involvement of an authorized person or organization in the event of being stranded in the destination country on a tourist visa for employment abroad, action will be taken. taken in accordance with applicable law.

Interior Ministry spokesperson Fanindra Mani Pokharel said the new procedure had been approved. “A new procedure has been approved to solve the problem of the visit visa. Now, according to this procedure, citizens will go abroad with the visit visa,” he added.

According to the new procedure, representatives of governmental or semi-governmental bodies belonging wholly or partially to the Government of Nepal, representatives of the people, central officials of nationally recognized political parties and government employees and their family members, journalists and media owners traveling abroad for gathering and business information, people who have achieved national and international prominence through special contributions, the elderly, civil society activists and representatives international non-governmental organizations and their families must also submit the required supporting documents.