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Google reveals the most searched travel destinations by Canadians

Google Canada has revealed the country’s most searched destinations for travel, both internationally and nationally.

The pandemic has served as an anchor for people accustomed to frequent travel, but with the lifting of restrictions, interest in travel is increasing.

“As vaccinations continue to rise across the country and government travel restrictions for fully vaccinated Canadians begin to ease, many Canadians are heading to Google to start planning their long-awaited vacations,” says the Google Canada press release.

So where do Canadians want to go the most?

When it comes to international travel, British Columbia and Ontario target the United States. For Alberta, the search for getaways to Mexico came first. Not surprisingly, Quebecers were the most interested in traveling to France.

The data does not reveal the travel mechanisms people would undertake on their journeys, but traveling across the border by land may seem safer to some than taking a flight.

Here is how the top 10 international travel searches in British Columbia are distributed:

google trends



google trends



google trends


Google travel

google trends

Google has also listed the most searched places nationally, both for international and domestic travel.



google trends


To travel

google trends

The data also revealed the most relevant questions people have when it comes to traveling within the country.

Questions such as “Who can travel to Canada?” And “What is considered essential travel?” “

According to Google data, interest in travel based on search trends has not been so high since 2004.

“We are seeing more and more searches in Canada for information on travel-related destinations, such as travel restrictions by country and where to travel, both of which have recently reached historic highs.”

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