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France eases Covid travel restrictions for vaccinated British travelers | Coronavirus

Fully vaccinated Britons will no longer be required to undergo Covid tests to travel to France, opening up travel between countries at the start of the mid-term holiday.

Children under 12 are exempt from testing and vaccination requirements.

Guillaume Bazard, the Consul General of France in London, announced the change in the rules on Twitter. He wrote: “From February 12, testing will no longer be required for travelers with a full vaccination schedule traveling from the UK to France. Our website will be updated as further details are released.

The relaxation of travel rules had been mooted earlier in the week, with French Europe Minister Clement Beaune suggesting the requirement is likely to be dropped soon.

Before the announcement, people traveling to France from outside the EU, including from the UK, had to present a negative Covid test result from the previous 48 hours, regardless of their vaccination status.

The change means trapped holidaymakers traveling between the UK and France do not need to test at either end of their journey, after Britain ended its testing requirement for fully vaccinated arrivals at 4 a.m. Friday. At present, passengers are not required to have received a booster dose to be considered fully immunized, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps previously said.

Those under 18 will continue to be treated as eligible double-vaccinated passengers, but Shapps said those aged 12 to 15 could prove their vaccination status through the NHS digital pass for international travel abroad.

France, where people are asked to show a Covid psanitary ass to enter most public spaces nationwide, requires vaccinated travelers to have received their last dose within the past nine months.

The move follows Spain’s relaxation of its travel rules for UK passengers aged 12 to 17. Teenagers who have not received two shots are currently not allowed to enter the country, but will be allowed from February 14 with a negative PCR test.