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Florida Travel Agencies Affected by Rise in COVID-19 Cases

ORLANDO, Florida – The recent increase in COVID-19 cases is impacting some local agencies that depend on tourists for their livelihood.

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  • Travel agencies say current rise in COVID-19 cases is hurting their bottom line
  • Luis Cruz, of Windermere Travel, says calls have dropped dramatically over the past month
  • The CDC issued a warning on Wednesday, advising unvaccinated people not to travel during the Labor Day vacation

Luis Cruz, branch manager at Windermere Travel, said that while the majority of their work involves international plans, about 20% of their luxury travel agency’s business comes from out-of-state people who want to visit the theme parks in the center of the city. Florida.

“It’s basically something that has never changed,” he said. “However, for about a month these calls have stopped.”

The pandemic is impacting their business and he believes the Delta variant has a role to play.

“It looks like the new variant might have done something with regards to the people who decide who comes down south,” said Cruz.

Before Labor Day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent a warning wednesday unvaccinated Americans advising them not to travel.

Cruz says they usually see a decrease in business when the kids go back to school, but he relies on people who plan to travel soon.

“We have people asking us where can I go so that I don’t have to get the vaccine,” said Cruz. “There is a city in a country for everyone, so whether you are vaccinated or not, there is a place for you and then we will do that work for you. “

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