Travel restrictions

ECCT urges relaxation of travel restrictions

ECCT partners with National Taiwan University and European Union Center in Taiwan to teach students about European entrepreneurship

  • By Crystal Hsu / Staff Reporter

The European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (ECCT) last month called on the government to ease restrictions on international business travel, saying being an open society and integrating into the world underpins Taiwan’s economic clout. .

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the global economy, it has provided Taiwan with an opportunity to build on its strengths and forge closer ties with its European business partners, the president said. of the Henry Chang Chamber (張瀚書) during a banquet before the New Moon. Holidays of the year.

A clear demonstration that Taiwan is building on its expertise is that European companies continue to invest in the country throughout the pandemic, bringing collective investments to more than 53 billion euros ($60.77 billion) , said the room.

“Taiwan’s past formula for success has been its open society and integration into the global economy, and the government should adhere to this formula, especially in times of uncertainty,” he said.

Border controls and quarantine restrictions have hampered trade shows, trade and investment opportunities, he said.

European companies play a vital role in developing talent for Taiwan’s future industries, Chang said.

To this end, the ECCT works with the National Taiwan University and the European Union Center in Taiwan to educate students on European entrepreneurship.

National leaders of European companies based in Taiwan would give a series of lectures as part of a National Taiwan University course on European entrepreneurship and EU-Asia relations, he said.

ECCT member companies must also provide internship opportunities for students enrolled in the course, he added.

“Through these efforts, we are helping to nurture the next generation of professionals and business leaders, who will help sustain Taiwan’s strong economic and social progress,” Chang said.

Taiwan’s goals are in line with European expertise, as environment, social and governance issues gain prominence among businesses, Chang said.

This provides an opportunity to bring Taiwan and the ECCT closer together based on mutual interests, reciprocity and shared values.

The banquet was the first time the ECCT held a physical event after a five-month hiatus due to the pandemic, although it continued to hold regular meetings with the government and held large online events.

The chamber hosted its first healthcare forum, second electric vehicle forum and third global offshore wind summit virtually.

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