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EasyJet and Spotify track people’s listening habits and recommend travel destinations

easyJet and Spotify use people’s listening habits to influence their holiday destination recommendations.

easyJet has teamed up with Spotify to offer listeners destination inspiration / VCCP London

Created by VCCP London, the ‘Listen & Book’ campaign analyzes Spotify users’ playlists, draws inspiration from the style of music they love and provides participants with tailor-made travel destinations.

In addition to vacation spots, listeners are also shown to nearby music venues to connect them to local music concerts.

“This creative collaboration shows what is possible with audio streaming. Listeners engage with Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and our focus on personalization enables brands to cultivate meaningful interactive connections with their audiences,” said Richard Frankel, Global Creative Director at Spotify.

“Listen & Book is a great example of how brands can tap into and engage with a consumer’s mindset in innovative and helpful ways that drive real results.”

To access the feature, music lovers must connect their Spotify account through the Listen & Book microsite.

“Listen & Book will help our customers discover new destinations across our European network, using Spotify’s innovative technology to enhance our customer search and booking experience,” said Richard Sherwood, customer and marketing director at easyJet.

It is the latest chapter in the low-cost airline “nextGen easyJet” branded platform launched earlier this year.

David Masterman, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP, added: “The only thing people love more than traveling is music, so we’re really excited to see this technology using one to help the other. Find out which places your Spotify listening history suggests you might like to visit.


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