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Domestic travelers revisit travel agencies

SINGAPORE, May 19: According to the findings of a Milieu Insight study published on Wednesday

Milieu Insight, a Southeast Asian consumer research and analytics company, has released the results* of domestic travel plans for summer holidays in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

Respondents from the Philippines and Indonesia show the greatest willingness to embark on domestic travel as restrictions across Asia are lifted. But the study suggests that 80% of domestic travelers in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam said they would likely use travel agencies to expedite their domestic travel and vacation plans. If so, it bucks a long-term trend that has seen travelers desert travel agency services to manage their own travel plans, especially in the domestic travel market.

On the other hand, 40% of respondents in the Philippines remain very concerned about their safety even when it comes to domestic travel, fearing that a resurgence in Covid-19 cases could close resorts and prevent them from returning home. and to work. Domestic travel in the Philippines is still only limited to certain destinations and with restrictions (as of May 11, 2022).

Travelers from Indonesia (89%), Vietnam (83%) and Thailand (79%) expressed the least concern for themselves when it comes to domestic travel. This willingness to travel is also reflected in the domestic travel policies of these countries, as there are minimal restrictions involved in their interstate/interprovincial travel protocols. In February 2022, Vietnam registered 9.6 million domestic travellers.

When planning their next summer vacation, most travelers from the five countries are looking to relax and reconnect with family after two years of pandemic isolation (Philippines 83%, Indonesia 82%, Vietnam 78%, Malaysia 81%, Thailand 79%) .

Hotels remain the top choice for accommodation in all five countries, with half of travelers to Vietnam also showing a preference for resorts, and more than half of Thai respondents said they prefer pool villas (54%).

Travel agencies are making a comeback

Although they only travel within their home country, most Southeast Asian travelers are willing to use a travel agent to plan their domestic trip. Especially those from Indonesia (85%), the Philippines (82%) and Vietnam (83%). Engaging with a travel agent can ensure a less stressful trip, leaving more time and leisure for travelers to enjoy their first post-pandemic vacation with loved ones.

Other key findings

The highest demand for domestic travel is evident in the Philippines and Indonesia (89%) and Vietnam (83%). Thailand (79%) was the least concerned about domestic travel.

Travelers from the Philippines (76%) are the most concerned about security when traveling and staying in tourist destinations.

Land transport is the preferred mode of transport (76%) when traveling nationally.

*Results are based on Milieu Insight surveys with N=1000 respondents each from the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, conducted in April 2022.