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Destination NSW launches new campaign as travel restrictions relax

As NSW opens up to travel, Destination NSW has launched a new campaign called “Feel New” through Leo Burnett Australia, which is also Destination NSW’s new brand platform.

The campaign debuted yesterday October 24 and is the first phase of the campaign, with the second phase due to be released from February 2022.

The 60-second spot features venues across the state, from drag shows and bathing in the seas to a performance of the Bangarra Dance Theater to New Years Eve fireworks in Sydney Harbor. The spot also features a cover of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone by NSW artist, Azure Ryder, and producer duo Breathe.

The campaign also features 30 and 15 second cuts. In addition, a series of seven “Feel” films will be released, each exploring individual feelings; including joy, connection, freedom, awe, rejuvenation, belonging and adventure.


Destination NSW CEO Steve Cox said: “As humans, we know that when we take a break, we feel better. We feel energized and renewed, and we are happier, not only when we take that break, but also once we get back to our usual lives – the holiday top stays with us.

“The ‘Feel New’ positioning will inform all of Destination NSW’s marketing activities going forward, including an upcoming tactical campaign focused on supporting the resumption of NSW visitor recovery from COVID-19.

“’Feel New’ is a long-term branding platform for NSW. Other campaigns will be developed to work within this brand framework, such as our next relaunch campaign, which will be launched in November to drive conversion to support tourism relaunch, but it will build on and support the message and position “Feel New”.

Leo Burnett Managing Director James Walker-Smith commented: “We are extremely proud of the partnership we have built with Destination NSW. We have built an ambitious brand platform which is the first time NSW and Sydney have come together under a single holistic idea. Feeling new is something we can all relate to, and we’re excited to bring this work to the world as we all begin to look beyond the narrow horizons of Lockdown. We are all ready to “Feel New” and there is no better place to do it than in NSW. “

Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director Andy Ferguson said, “NSW is a particularly diverse place. A clash between culture and nature. From the bustling city and the wild nature. That’s what makes it so special, but it’s also a challenge to promote. So, rather than leading with activities and destinations, we’ve focused on the myriad of feelings you’ll experience while traveling in New South Wales. The films, images and experiences are all designed to immerse audiences in what they truly feel for a visitor to this great state. Because, if you really are NSW, you can’t help but “Feel New”. And now, who wouldn’t want that?

Nick Kavanagh, Head of Integrated Strategy and Planning for Havas Media Group, added: “Our ambition for New South Wales is to make it the travel destination of choice. In doing so, we have sought to anchor our communications deeply in culture; covering everything from a highly sophisticated multi-screen planning approach to innovative partnerships that will highlight all the attributes that make this state such an amazing place to visit.

The campaign will be broadcast on TV, BVOD, YouTube, social media and in print.

The campaign also featured two 30-second spots titled “Feel Joy” and “Feel Free,” which you can see below.

This is the first major campaign led by Destination NSW’s General Manager of Consumer Marketing, Kathryn Illy, who joined the team in May of this year.


Client: Destination NSW
General Manager of Consumer Marketing: Kathryn Illy
Director – Marketing: Sonia McIvor
Associate Brand Director: Bohdi Lewis
Director – Content and Creative Services: Bronwen Gwynn-Jones

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Australia
Creative Director: Jason Williams
Executive Creative Director: Andy Ferguson
Creative Director: Adrian Ely
Creative Director: Nigel Clark
Design Director: Jason Cooper
Head of Brand Strategy and Innovation: Dan Pankraz
Strategy Director: Abbie Dubin-Rhodin
Connections strategist: Alex Nel
Managing Director: James Walker Smith
Group Sales Director: Gemma Cox
Production manager: Adrian Jung
Integrated Producer: Lucy Appleyard / Michelle Browne

Media agency: Havas Media Australia
Head of Integrated Strategy and Planning: Nick Kavanagh
Group Sales Director: Catherine Edgehill
Brand strategy: Host / Havas

Film production: Jared Knecht / FINCH
Photography: Mark Clinton / Photoplay
Post-production: Arc Edit / Atticus / Le Moulin
Sound and composition: SongZu
Music Publishing License: Music Mill
Music Supervision: Media Arts Lawyers

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