Travel restrictions

Cayman Islands lifts all travel restrictions related to COVID-19

Have you packed your bags but don’t know which city to visit next? Head to the Cayman Islands. In the recent travel update, the Cayman Islands removed all covid-19 travel restrictions and opened its borders to tourists for the first time in two years.

According to the Cayman Islands Tourism Department, from today visitors no longer need to present proof of covid-19 vaccination, negative test, travel declaration form or travel request. which was previously sent via Travel Cayman. Travelers are also not required to wear a mask as it is not mandatory.

According to the media, more than 92% of adults as well as children over the age of five have received at least two doses of the vaccine against covid-19. 36% of the total population received at least three doses. The government has decided to relax public health measures because the vaccination rate is high.

The Cayman Islands decided to drop all travel restrictions after two months when it ruled out mandatory pre- and post-travel guidelines for vaccinated visitors. At this time, unvaccinated visitors under the age of 12 or unvaccinated visitors who own local property or businesses have been invited.

However, travelers must apply for a travel certificate before reaching the island. They must also take out medical and travel insurance that covers covid-19. The only exemption is for cruise passengers.

A traveler who tests positive for COVID-19 must quarantine for at least seven days.