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Cannes, France | Business travel destinations

For some, a business travel itinerary in Cannes, France is not the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, these are likely images from the popular Cannes Film Festival where the entertainment industry has gathered for about two weeks every year in May since 1946. Yes, the Palais des Festivals is widely recognized for its red carpet entrance into its large 2,246-seat auditorium. Yes, event organizers organize events, launch parties and film competitions throughout Cannes. And, yes, virtually every inch of this city is used to host the Festival.

These are just a few of the reasons why Cannes, France is also popular in the international business travel and business events industry. Those who look beyond the glitz and glamor will find that this Mediterranean city knows how to support international conventions, meetings, incentives and other special events. It is a major destination for international meetings and events.

Why? Well, start with the Palais des Festivals – Cannes Convention Center which offers six levels of meeting and exhibition space, as well as the Rotonde Lernis, a unique event space located on the beach with stunning views of the marina. and the sea. Combine excellent convention facilities with a full range of hotel options, hundreds of venues and dozens of incentive activities, and Cannes receives over 480,000 attendees each year for convention events alone.

Hotels in Cannes, France

Cannes, in France, offers 120 hotels and a capacity of 7,500 rooms – including 2,600 in Palace (ie 5 stars) and 4 stars. Business hotels in Cannes have 140 meeting rooms, and the largest can accommodate up to 1,000 delegates (larger conventions are coordinated by the Palais des Fesivals). Of course, the most popular “grand” hotels are on the Croisette, but great deals can be found all over Cannes to suit all budgets. About 45% of hotel rooms are occupied by international business tourism. Three business travel hotels in central Cannes include:

  • majestic barrier
  • Carlton InterContinental
  • Hotel Martinez
Meetings in Cannes, France

Most meetings are held either at Palace of Festivals or one of the Cannes business hotels. But for other activities, helicopter rides, arts and crafts, painting, wine competitions, bocce balls, mystery nights, casinos, horseback riding, catamarans, yachting and sailing are just some of the choices available to bring travelers together. business in Cannes and along the Côte d’Azur. With 26 beaches, 248 venues and 50 incentive activities, Cannes is full of unique venues and entertainment options to host meetings and special events. And shopping is always an option between meetings and events.

The Palm Beach Casino offers unique sea views and flexible event space for programs such as exhibitions, receptions and other events. For a non-professional event activity, Parfums M. Micallef is a unique place that can accommodate intimate sessions allowing women to create their own perfume. And The Baoli is perhaps the trendiest nightclub in Cannes, but they also offer dining and buyout options that would suit everything from business dinners to opening or closing receptions.

A hidden location that some may want to consider creating their own evening activity is on the island of Sainte Marguerite in Cannes Youth which offers spectacular views of Cannes during private parties.

The Musée de la Castre is located in the medieval castle of the monks of Lérins classified as a historical monument in old Cannes – and is available for private events. Offering a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, the Musée du Château is one of the unique places in Cannes and offers excellent views of the city, the Croisette and the sea.

Dining in Cannes, France

Cannes offers more than 480 restaurants and cafes, 20 piano bars and nightclubs and three casinos. Cannes truly offers a mix of culinary experiences. Beach restaurants are available for buyouts, and many cafes and contemporary options exist, including dining options at one of luxury hotels along the Croisette. For those who venture into the streets of the village, the Golden district of Cannes is filled with a mix of ethnic options and small dance bars. And for those who want more classic dining experiences, including Provencal options, walk 15 minutes to the cobbled, winding paths of old Cannes – Le Suquet – where they offer incredible options. St. Antoine Street is a great place to find restaurants for private events or to reserve space for catering options.

Logistics in Cannes

Cannes feels more like a larger seaside resort than a city, and its temperate climate makes it possible to host large events where attendees simply walk between venues and meetings: 51F/10.5C in winter, 59F/15C in spring , 73F/23C in summer and 63.5F/17.5C in fall.

Plus, whether you want to curate a smaller program or want to claim your own naming rights for a citywide takeover, anything seems possible in Cannes. Many business event services can be coordinated directly by the Palais des Festivals convention office.

Nice Riviera International Airport is located just 24 km away (beware, taxi fares are expensive for Cannes, France). French is the official language in France, but English is also commonly spoken here.

Updated. Originally published August 14, 2010.