Business travel

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Key people

Debbie Carling, CEO Europe
Carla Beaton, Chief Financial Officer Europe
Brian Sheerin, CTO Europe
Karen Janssen, CIO Europe
Mallory Gérard, Managing Director France

Main sectors of activity

Professional services, public sector, retail, sport, ERM, finance, energy, technology, retail, entertainment, law, pharmaceuticals, media

Other services

MICE, VIP trips, visas and passports, out of hours, sports trips

type of company

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange


• Online 67% (UK) / 89% (France)
• Air 27% / Hotel 32% / Rail 35% / Car 1% / MICE 4% / Other 1%
• Short-haul 68% / Long-haul 32%

Top destinations

Short term Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich
Long-haul Dubai, New York, Jeddah, San Francisco, Boston

Office locations

London, Bradford, Manchester, Glasgow, Paris, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Membership of the association and the network

Partnership Advantage Travel, Radius Travel, The BTA, GBTA

Full-time equivalent staff

UK: 366
France: 12

Average seniority

6 years

Average industry experience

14 years old


Saber, Amedee

Online booking tools

Amadeus Cytric, SAP Concur, Lightning

Expense management tools

Chrome River, SAP Concur

Other technology

SMART Technology Suite (proprietary), built locally in four regional technology centers, which includes Lightning OBT, CTM Mobile, CTM Portal, CTM SMART Data. Saber and Concur are also third-party technology providers.

CDN content

Lightning offers direct connections to several airlines for NDC content, including British Airways and Lufthansa Group. NDC functionality integrated into leading agent platforms to facilitate NDC bookings for offline transactions.

Key innovations in 2021

CTM launched carbon budgets for individual travelers, teams, and businesses at the research point in Lightning. Travelers can see their CO2 real-time budget change when adding flights, hotels, train or car journeys to one of five separate travel baskets, helping travel managers make more sustainable choices. Customers can also now assign multiple approvers for different aspects of travel anywhere in the world, with trips queued for different people for risk, price, CO2the destination and hundreds of other policy variables.