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August 2022 travel restrictions related to Covid-19 and Monkeypox

This summer is still the perfect time to travel as there are minimal travel restrictions for both domestic and international travel. However, not all countries are open to leisure travel. Additionally, your vaccination status may also prevent entry to certain destinations.

United States Travel Restrictions

US residents can visit various states and cities without restrictions, making it easy to find a perfect beach destination. Local travel restrictions may still apply in major cities.

Mask Mandates

The TSA’s mask mandate for commercial travel is still on hold as the federal appeal works its way through the court system.

The most popular local mask mandate for travelers is at these three New York airports:

  • jfk
  • The guard
  • Stewart International

Another highly publicized indoor mask mandate policy from Los Angeles County in California expired at the end of July.

Tourist sites may also have indoor mask requirements, including visitor centers and crowded exhibits in national parks.

Travel restrictions related to Monkeypox

It is still too early to tell whether monkeypox will have the same adverse effects on business and leisure travel as the novel coronavirus. Currently, the number of cases is increasing across the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) also declared a public health emergency for the virus in late July.

So far, California, Illinois and New York have declared states of emergency. Travelers should practice several CDC recommendations to avoid exposure.

Vaccination mandate for visitors

The United States no longer requires a negative test before arrival, but international visitors eligible for the coronavirus vaccine must be fully vaccinated. There are no vaccination requirements for returning US citizens and legal residents.


Canada remains open only to fully vaccinated visitors. No pre-arrival testing is required when entering by air, land or sea. You must upload your vaccination dates and batch information to the ArriveCAN Act to avoid mandatory quarantine.

Latin America Travel Restrictions

Many Latin American countries continue to ease their travel protocols. For example, Belize no longer requires the purchase of Covid travel insurance. The government ended this requirement on July 14, 2022.

Most countries no longer require pre-arrival test results for fully vaccinated guests. However, indoor mask warrants may still be active.

Unvaccinated travelers must obtain a negative test result to enter most countries in Central and South America. Brazil and a few other small countries continue to ban unvaccinated visitors.

Mexico and Costa Rica continue to have some of the most lenient entry guidelines.


Most of Europe is open without restriction to vaccinated and unvaccinated people. However, France and Spain require a pre-arrival test for entry. Unless they fall under an exemption, the Netherlands prohibits entry to unvaccinated non-European residents.


Australia ceased its pre-arrival vaccination and testing requirements in early July 2022. Travelers also no longer need to complete the Digital Passenger Declaration.

New Zealand

As of August 1, 2022, New Zealand’s borders have been “fully open” for the first time since the start of the pandemic. In most situations, visitors must be fully vaccinated and take two tests after arrival.

The country also requires a passenger declaration form to collect the traveler’s vaccination details, travel history for the past 14 days and emergency contact details.


The Asian region continues to have some of the strictest requirements. Fortunately, it is possible to travel to several pre-pandemic tourist destinations.


The Land of the Rising Sun reopened in June for tourism booked by travel agencies and essential travel like business and education. Negative pre-arrival visitor testing and download of MySOS mobile app (or other app) upon arrival is required. Visitors without a smartphone can rent one.


Thailand ended most of its travel restrictions in early July. Now, short-term visitors need only present proof of vaccination or a negative test before arrival. The country also no longer needs to fill out the tedious “Thailand Pass”. Travel authorities reported an immediate increase in flight bookings.


The Philippines is only open to vaccinated travellers. Pre-arrival testing is not required, but a health declaration form is required.


The Americas and Europe continue to be the most forgiving travel destinations in most situations. Post-pandemic international travel is as easy as it gets now that more countries are removing health card and travel insurance requirements. This month is the perfect opportunity to enjoy one last summer trip.

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