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As travel restrictions ease, London homestay brand Plum Guide secures $ 9 million in funding


The global overnight market is estimated to be worth $ 1.2 trillion as the travel industry’s recovery accelerates from the pandemic, reports said. Despite this growth, the search for the perfect vacation can feel like a lottery with over 15 million households online to choose from. In addition, customer reviews are often misleading or deceptive.

Based in london Plum Guide, an online platform for premium vacation homes and homestay experiences, offers highly organized travel experiences.

Beringea investment

In a recent development, Plum Guide secured $ 9million (nearly £ 6.6million) in a funding round led by Beringea, the transatlantic venture capital firm. In addition, existing investors Talis Capital, Hearst Ventures and Latitude participated in the investment round. Plum Guide will use this investment to accelerate its rapid rise to the definitive list of the best vacation homes in the world. Currently, the company has properties in more than 500 destinations across 29 countries.

Plum Guide is also offering its community of hosts, guests and fans a chance to participate in this tour via a crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube. He invites those with a passion for travel and who expect perfection from their host families to join world-class institutional investors excited by Plum Guide’s distinctive vision; to create a world-class trusted brand for travel.

This latest round of funding signals the travel boom expected in 2022 and beyond, among travelers around the world who prefer hotels to alternative, more personal accommodation.

Founder and CEO Doron Meyassed said, “We are proud to have built a brand that customers love, with NPS leading the industry because of our unique approach to large-scale curation. Plum Guide is the new global quality standard in the travel industry. The Plum Guide award is to travel what the Michelin star is to food and what the New York Times bestseller list is to books.

Karen McCormick, Director of Investments at Beringea, commented: “The entrepreneurial experience of Doron and her remarkable team has ensured that the pandemic has simply propelled the company from strength to strength, and its impressive performance as lockdowns relaxed show that Plum Guide is well positioned to exploit the boom in “revenge” travel.

Zihao Xu of Octopus Ventures commented: “Plum Guide is perfectly placed in this environment. Customers have always loved Plum’s service (as evidenced by its industry-leading NPS), and over the past 18 months, Doron and her team have shown top notch resilience to weather the storm and further improve the service and business fundamentals. We have been working with the Plum Guide team for almost four years and are more than ever excited about the future of this special company.

Most Recommended Host Company

Founded by Doron Meyassed, Plum Guide finds and rewards the best homes in each market with a unique combination of data, technology and “home critical” experts. Its alternative approach that separates the good from the big has been perfected since its inception in 2016. Today, the brand is the # 1 recommended homestay company in the world. It has attracted a total of $ 57 million in investment since its launch.

Plum Guide offers an organized alternative approach to mass market booking platforms and selects only the top 3% of properties in any destination. Ultimately, it attracts a segment of mature, urban and affluent consumers who expect an exceptional experience every time they travel.


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