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Anti-warrant protests in Canada escalate and half of all travel destinations are high risk | national news

Here is your COVID-19 news for today, February 14, 2022.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers on Monday to quell protests by truck drivers and others who have paralyzed Ottawa and blocked border crossings in anger over the country’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Citing Canada’s Emergencies Act, which gives the federal government broad powers to restore order, Trudeau ruled out the use of the military.

His government has instead threatened to tow vehicles to keep essential services running; freezing truckers’ personal and corporate bank accounts; and take further action to strike at their livelihoods and the sources of their financial support.

Key US-Canada bridge reopens after police evacuate protesters

When nurse Julia Buffo was told by her Montana hospital that she needed to be vaccinated against COVID-19, she responded by filing paperwork stating that the vaccines went against her religious beliefs.

She cited various verses from the Old and New Testaments, including a passage from Revelation that vaccine opponents often cite to compare injections to the “Mark of the Beast.” She told her superiors that God is the ‘ultimate guardian of health’ and that accepting the vaccine would make her ‘accomplishing in evil’.

Religious exemptions like the one obtained by Buffo are increasingly becoming a workaround for unvaccinated hospital and nursing home workers who want to keep their jobs despite federal mandates taking effect across the country this week.