Travel agencies

Even in these roller coaster times, travel agencies are bought and sold: “There are opportunities”

Of the agencies that contacted, “Some travel agency owners and / or independent contractors have chosen to become hosted by Vision Travel and Direct Travel to be able to stay in business and eliminate most of their operational and regulatory responsibilities. Other agencies are interested in our new purchasing formula, however many seem ready to […]

Travel destinations

Tripadvisor unveils its 25 most popular travel destinations in the United States for 2021: see the full list

If you finally dream of taking a safe vacation this spring or summer, it can’t hurt to start researching some of the possible destinations. Popular online travel company Tripadvisor has released its list of the 25 Most Popular Destinations in the United States for the New Year. Tripadvisor revealed in a recent statement that 50% […]

Travel destinations

Top travel destinations as COVID restrictions end

Misty Belles on a trip to Alaska As coronavirus closures lift and vaccines are rolled out, the travel industry is seeing an increase in domestic travel, according to Virtuoso CEO Misty Belles. There is currently a “ton of pent-up demand” for domestic travel, Belles told FOX Business’s “Mornings with Maria”. LARGE AIRLINES OFFER FLASH SALES, […]